Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Traveller’s Extreme Exposure (Not Your Typical DAVAO Adventure)

               DAVAO is a Metropolitan City and is the Capital of Mindanao, it is a host for numerous activities such as the Pearl Farm White Beach Resort located in Samal Island, the Philippine Eagle Center, Crocodile Park, White Water Rafting, Mount Apo Hiking and the OUTLAND ADVENTURE which I tried in my limited stay in Davao.

                Davao also has popular restaurants that serves delicious cuisines like the Roadhouse Cafe, Karlyn’s Steak, Coco’s Grill, Nanang Bebeng’s Eat All You Can and Penong’s Barbecue Seafoods and Grill.

                I arrived at the Davao Airport at 6 in the morning and from there, I took a taxi to Outland Adventure located near the Diversion Road of GAP Farm. I was too early so I waited until it opened at 8 in the morning. While waiting, I already toured the place, I saw some rope challenges, Gazebo’s and a medium Zipline that were used for team building purposes. And all of their profits will go to the Outland Project Foundation.

                Their main attraction is called the XCELERATOR, the longest, fastest and highest Zipline in Whole of Asia. With 1,200 meters long, 46 seconds and 400 feet high. However, you should take note that not all Ziplines are safe, so make sure to check for safety first and the XCELERATOR is Internationally accredited and meets Worldwide standards. These will definitely accelerate your blood flow! There are corresponding prices you can choose from which are 300 for 1 ride, 400 for 2 rides and 500 for unlimited ride and I got the ZIP ALL YOU CAN PACKAGE with a free refreshment. So you will begin in the Harness station where you are free to decide which position you would want and these are the Inverted, Superman and Sitting positions. So I chose the Inverted or Upside Down first. The next thing you have to do is to use the raft in the lake to transfer to the other side of the park and trek 410 steps to ascend to the top of the Hill. Then Zip yourself all the way to where you have started.

                Thank you to the kind and friendly staff Sunshine, Jawer, Jonahvieve, Henry and James for taking good care of me. They even told me that I was the only customer who did an Inverted position in my first ever Zipline, others were doing Superman first, thanks to my love for intense experiences. They also told me that I was the first one to arrive in such an early time, thanks to my early flight. And again they told me that I was the first to ever count the steps, even the staff never counted the steps. Well, thanks to my readers for inspiring me to do my job efficiently so that they can imagine the whole scenario easily. And lastly, I was the first ever to do 4 Ziplines within 3 hours, all customers took the whole day to do what I did, that’s because my time is so limited and thanks to that, it made me a record holder in Outland Adventure.

                OUTLAND ADVENTURE shows the other side of DAVAO, the extreme part that we never saw and this is not your ordinary and typical DAVAO Experience…

- Happy Loner Traveller

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