Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Traveller's Natural Prodigy (Philippine’s Pebble Beach)

              SURIGAO CITY is known as the Gateway to Mindanao. It is part of Surigao Del Norte Province, CARAGA Region. It is also the Doorway to the Famous SIARGAO Island. Surigao City also boasts of its own Tourist spots which is unique in many different ways and in my short stay in Surigao City, I had to include all of these in my Itinerary.

                It is only in Surigao City where you can find the only PEBBLED BEACH in the Philippines which is located in MABUA. The Beach is all white stones and no sand. I was astonished with this kind of Beach because it is a Natural Wonder of Science, Earth sculptured this Pebbled Beach into the way it is. It is not a Man-made scenery but a pure miracle of nature.

                There are also other attractions that promotes Sun, Sea and Sand combination which are Basul Beach, Sagisi Beach and Buenavista Cave and Beach.

                I stayed at E.Y TOURIST PENSION for only 895 Philippine Pesos per night. I love the accommodation because its interiors are beautifully designed, as if you were at a hotel in Europe. I also ate at two delicious and popular restaurants which are Island Seafood House and Mario’s Grille.

                It’s an obsessive and bewitching feeling when you’re exploring Eastern Mindanao. Its Natural Riches will invite and entice you to stay a little longer to the mesmerizing beauty of Eastern Mindanao and it is best to start with its gateway which is Surigao City of the CARAGA Region…

- Happy Loner Traveller

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