Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The Most Awaited Travel Contest Of The Year Is Back!!! Do you want Extreme Fun, Excitement and to have the best adventure of your life just like HAPPY LONER TRAVELLER for the 2nd time around? Then this is your chance to have that dream again! As an opening for my 3rd Series of Blogs and In line with my advocacy which is promoting Philippine Tourism and giving Job opportunities to our fellow Filipinos to eradicate poverty and allow them to have the gift of education in valuing and protecting our Mother Earth. I am returning the contest that swept you out of your feet!!! In which you will have the chance again to WIN a Pampering, Relaxing, FREE and ALL EXPENSE PAID 3 Days and 2 Nights trip to CORON PALAWAN PHILIPPINES PLUS you will join ARMIE “HAPPY LONER TRAVELLER” YUSON’s SPECIAL VIDEO EDITION and a FREE HAPPY LONER TRAVELLER T-SHIRT!!! This is my Thank You Gift to the Supporters and Readers of my BlogSite ARMIEYUSON.BLOGSPOT.COM for having its SUCCESSFUL 2ND YEAR ANNIVERSARY this coming DECEMBER 12, 2011!!! The Mechanics, Conditions and Prizes will be listed below…

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1.       You must FIRST like my Facebook Fanpage FACEBOOK.COM/ARMIEYUSONOFFICIAL to be registered in the contest.
2.       You must VISIT my Blogsite ARMIEYUSON.BLOGSPOT.COM

3.       I will post a QUESTION which can be found below this article.
4.       Read, Locate and text me the ANSWER to my Question.
5.       Text (Answer to my Question) (Complete Name) to 09176431231.
6.       Your name will only have one entry for the Raffle that will be held on MARCH 18, 2012 at 11:59 PM.
7.       Announcement of the winner will be on MARCH 19, 2012.


1.       Contestant should be of Filipino Citizen.
2.       Contestant should be 18 years old and above.
3.       Contestant should be perfectly well and healthy.
4.       Prize is not convertible into Cash.
5.       You should give 3 of your best pictures in the vacation that you have won as proof of this contest.


1.       Roundtrip Airfare
2.       Roundtrip Airport Transfers
3.       Hotel Accommodation
4.       Full 3 Days and 2 Nights Activities
5.       Full Board meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
6.       24/7 Personal Tour Guide

Contest Question:
What is the COMPLETE TITLE of the 1ST ARTICLE that I have written?

Text (Answer to my Question) (Complete Name) to 09176431231.

Let The Contest Begin!!! Like Like Like FACEBOOK.COM/ARMIEYUSONOFFICIAL and Read Read Read ARMIEYUSON.BLOGSPOT.COM!!! :-)

- Happy Loner Traveller

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Last Curtain (A Farewell To A Love)

                In this World, No one would really understand how much we love someone or something… It’s easy for them to give advices but they never really saw what our hearts truly carries…

                There’s nothing more painful than to hear her say to you that she just came back to test if she still has feelings for you and that she is now okay because she realized that she has already forgotten you… And you would witness her smiling and happy, only this time, you are not already the reason why she loves her life… And you could see her move on to a newer chapter in her life… That you were never the book that you expected to be in her story but rather just an old past scarred chapter in her fortunate life…
    We shouldn’t have kept quiet, we should’ve fought and argued, we shouldn’t have stopped fighting for us. I still tried to catch and save us, but you kept on running and hiding… You are always gone with the wind, with no one to calm and no one to bear with… You just permitted us to die without even giving the last hope of fighting to survive…

    I admit that the pain was insufferable, that it’ll bring an enduring soreness even up to my bereavement. When you permanently left, an element of me has ended… A component of me which is my heart has permanently been chained, closed and died…

                Before my heart died, I recalled all the great memories we had, I placed them all to words in a paper and buried it as the most priceless treasure my birthright could ever create… That I believe, one day, several years from now, it will be uncovered by someone and he/she will hold the greatest lovestory an unknown name has ever told… A love of a man that is so endless for a woman… A passion so strangely and mysteriously compelling to the hearts of the readers… Only to know, that it all started with a plain but heartfelt note…

                So now, just as I imagined how my death would be, a sad farewell as the final curtain of my heart has approached… That this love has ended, in the shallow waves at the bottom of the Sea, that has never been departed by anyone who can see…

- Poetic Prince

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Shattered Vow

             It has been 1 month since the last time you’ve talked to me, when you were the first one who greeted me on my birthday. I know now that you are permanently gone but there is still this little left hope within me that you will still come back and realize that I am the one who truly loved you the way no one else could ever let you feel because I thought you understood what the deepest parts of my heart can offer and that is True Great love…

         I still bear in mind our first days together, we were so blissfully and passionately inlove… I admit that until now, I still hold on to that Vow that we have whispered to each other… The Solemn Promise of whom we would endlessly hold the hearts of each other and be its lasting keeper… But why did you leave so suddenly without any well-founded reason? You didn’t even allow me to feel what it’s like to be fought for by the person whom you have relied on to because you believed that she would love you no matter what happens in the world. The only question that will never leave my heart is why did you allow your committed words to be shattered just like that? And the most painful thing is... You permitted me to feel that I’m not really worthy of your love because you never stood up for me just like the way I stood up for you.

          But as time ensues, I’ve learned something significant and deeper. That if you truly and greatly love someone, no matter what happens, you will still love that person whether he/she deserves it or not… You don’t love someone to expect a reward that they will love you back. Unconditional love is not only being contented but rather happy knowing within oneself that the person you love is smiling and feels wonderful living his/her life fulfilled, whether you maybe the reason for his/her smiles or not.

           I still freshly remember the day when I held your two hands and looked into your eyes with nervous blushes on my face, the first time I ever asked you, if you could be my Princess tonight until forever followed by a soft, quiet but sincere “I love you so much” and you said right there and then “Yes and I love you too”… My tears were streaming and my smiles have reached the heavens immediately just like magic…

            I know that I’m not already the person who puts a daily smile on your face and I know that you can be happy even if I’m not in your life anymore, I understand that you don’t need me in your life coz’ I know I’m just nothing but an ordinary simple guy but like I’ve always said to you every single morning, afternoon and evening, you will always be the Princess of my Existence and there will never ever be another one but only you who would dwell not only in my heart but all of me…. I am now letting you go to your happiness but I will never ever let go of my love for you that has given me before until now and in the future, the greatest smiles I’ve ever had…

- Poetic Prince