Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The Most Awaited Travel Contest Of The Year Is Back!!! Do you want Extreme Fun, Excitement and to have the best adventure of your life just like HAPPY LONER TRAVELLER for the 2nd time around? Then this is your chance to have that dream again! As an opening for my 3rd Series of Blogs and In line with my advocacy which is promoting Philippine Tourism and giving Job opportunities to our fellow Filipinos to eradicate poverty and allow them to have the gift of education in valuing and protecting our Mother Earth. I am returning the contest that swept you out of your feet!!! In which you will have the chance again to WIN a Pampering, Relaxing, FREE and ALL EXPENSE PAID 3 Days and 2 Nights trip to CORON PALAWAN PHILIPPINES PLUS you will join ARMIE “HAPPY LONER TRAVELLER” YUSON’s SPECIAL VIDEO EDITION and a FREE HAPPY LONER TRAVELLER T-SHIRT!!! This is my Thank You Gift to the Supporters and Readers of my BlogSite ARMIEYUSON.BLOGSPOT.COM for having its SUCCESSFUL 2ND YEAR ANNIVERSARY this coming DECEMBER 12, 2011!!! The Mechanics, Conditions and Prizes will be listed below…

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2.       You must VISIT my Blogsite ARMIEYUSON.BLOGSPOT.COM

3.       I will post a QUESTION which can be found below this article.
4.       Read, Locate and text me the ANSWER to my Question.
5.       Text (Answer to my Question) (Complete Name) to 09176431231.
6.       Your name will only have one entry for the Raffle that will be held on MARCH 18, 2012 at 11:59 PM.
7.       Announcement of the winner will be on MARCH 19, 2012.


1.       Contestant should be of Filipino Citizen.
2.       Contestant should be 18 years old and above.
3.       Contestant should be perfectly well and healthy.
4.       Prize is not convertible into Cash.
5.       You should give 3 of your best pictures in the vacation that you have won as proof of this contest.


1.       Roundtrip Airfare
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3.       Hotel Accommodation
4.       Full 3 Days and 2 Nights Activities
5.       Full Board meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
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Contest Question:
What is the COMPLETE TITLE of the 1ST ARTICLE that I have written?

Text (Answer to my Question) (Complete Name) to 09176431231.

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- Happy Loner Traveller

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Last Curtain (A Farewell To A Love)

                In this World, No one would really understand how much we love someone or something… It’s easy for them to give advices but they never really saw what our hearts truly carries…

                There’s nothing more painful than to hear her say to you that she just came back to test if she still has feelings for you and that she is now okay because she realized that she has already forgotten you… And you would witness her smiling and happy, only this time, you are not already the reason why she loves her life… And you could see her move on to a newer chapter in her life… That you were never the book that you expected to be in her story but rather just an old past scarred chapter in her fortunate life…
    We shouldn’t have kept quiet, we should’ve fought and argued, we shouldn’t have stopped fighting for us. I still tried to catch and save us, but you kept on running and hiding… You are always gone with the wind, with no one to calm and no one to bear with… You just permitted us to die without even giving the last hope of fighting to survive…

    I admit that the pain was insufferable, that it’ll bring an enduring soreness even up to my bereavement. When you permanently left, an element of me has ended… A component of me which is my heart has permanently been chained, closed and died…

                Before my heart died, I recalled all the great memories we had, I placed them all to words in a paper and buried it as the most priceless treasure my birthright could ever create… That I believe, one day, several years from now, it will be uncovered by someone and he/she will hold the greatest lovestory an unknown name has ever told… A love of a man that is so endless for a woman… A passion so strangely and mysteriously compelling to the hearts of the readers… Only to know, that it all started with a plain but heartfelt note…

                So now, just as I imagined how my death would be, a sad farewell as the final curtain of my heart has approached… That this love has ended, in the shallow waves at the bottom of the Sea, that has never been departed by anyone who can see…

- Poetic Prince

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Shattered Vow

             It has been 1 month since the last time you’ve talked to me, when you were the first one who greeted me on my birthday. I know now that you are permanently gone but there is still this little left hope within me that you will still come back and realize that I am the one who truly loved you the way no one else could ever let you feel because I thought you understood what the deepest parts of my heart can offer and that is True Great love…

         I still bear in mind our first days together, we were so blissfully and passionately inlove… I admit that until now, I still hold on to that Vow that we have whispered to each other… The Solemn Promise of whom we would endlessly hold the hearts of each other and be its lasting keeper… But why did you leave so suddenly without any well-founded reason? You didn’t even allow me to feel what it’s like to be fought for by the person whom you have relied on to because you believed that she would love you no matter what happens in the world. The only question that will never leave my heart is why did you allow your committed words to be shattered just like that? And the most painful thing is... You permitted me to feel that I’m not really worthy of your love because you never stood up for me just like the way I stood up for you.

          But as time ensues, I’ve learned something significant and deeper. That if you truly and greatly love someone, no matter what happens, you will still love that person whether he/she deserves it or not… You don’t love someone to expect a reward that they will love you back. Unconditional love is not only being contented but rather happy knowing within oneself that the person you love is smiling and feels wonderful living his/her life fulfilled, whether you maybe the reason for his/her smiles or not.

           I still freshly remember the day when I held your two hands and looked into your eyes with nervous blushes on my face, the first time I ever asked you, if you could be my Princess tonight until forever followed by a soft, quiet but sincere “I love you so much” and you said right there and then “Yes and I love you too”… My tears were streaming and my smiles have reached the heavens immediately just like magic…

            I know that I’m not already the person who puts a daily smile on your face and I know that you can be happy even if I’m not in your life anymore, I understand that you don’t need me in your life coz’ I know I’m just nothing but an ordinary simple guy but like I’ve always said to you every single morning, afternoon and evening, you will always be the Princess of my Existence and there will never ever be another one but only you who would dwell not only in my heart but all of me…. I am now letting you go to your happiness but I will never ever let go of my love for you that has given me before until now and in the future, the greatest smiles I’ve ever had…

- Poetic Prince

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Breakthrough (Rising Again)

                At one point in our life, we will experience something that we would consider as one of the most memorable thing in our time here on earth and we would put it in our list as the most dreadful situation in our human existence. It’s as if there is no bright tomorrow that will come our way because all of the important things around us are destructed. Well, it happened to me at the age of 24.

                For the past 24 years of my life, everything was perfect… I have a wonderful family, a luxurious lifestyle, an opportunity for a higher education and profitable businesses… I have the ideal life that many would dream of…

                And now that I’m 27? For the last 3 years of my life, My Faith to our Almighty Creator has been tested… In a glimpse, just like a wheel, everything turned upside down, I was on top before and now I’m at the bottom… Because I was living “The Life”, I took everything around me for granted, I forgot all the important things in my life. I was so focused on how to enjoy myself everytime. But sometimes, life is not always like that, I forgot to balance it. Those 3 years were the hardest 3 years I have ever experienced in my entire life, problems in every aspect were arising, no matter how far I ran and hid from these agonies, it still followed and haunted me. I really lost all of Life’s battles in these 3 years.

                But you know what? Even if my Life was destroyed, I am still thankful that GOD gave me these horrible situations because I have learned a lot, a lot about how life really works. I discovered more of myself, my potentials and abilities. I am proud to say that for those 3 years, I never lost my Faith to GOD, I really had a strong grip to our Creator. I always ran and prayed to him. I still became optimistic that my old life would return but with a better ME.

                So one day, an opportunity came, my old time friend Shandy Lim called and asked me to attend a business presentation. I told him that I was busy and I might not attend but he really urged me to give it a try, he told me to just listen. So I decided to go because I can’t say no to shandy coz’ when I was included in the Philippine’s 100 Most Eligible Bachelors of 2010, He was the one who talked to this famous designer Shanon Pamaong to lend me his designs which I used for the photoshoot of the said event. So I went to the venue of the meeting and listened, I met this couple Mrs. Anne Marie and Mr. Ingo Hansen who are the speakers of this said presentation. After listening, without thinking twice, I decided to be their business partner. Thanks to my family who are mostly in the business industry, I inherited their “Business Instincts” and saw that this business has a great potential to be super successful. And numerous opportunities followed too, I was nominated for the Philippine Blog Awards 2011, the most prestigious Award giving body in Philippine Blogging. Also, many availed my very Cheap Travel Packages & My Pharmacist License was rented by another Pharmacy aside from the current one. And many more blessings came…

                So by this time, I have already realized that God’s test in my Faith to him is nearly done and he has proven that I will always be a thankful son to our Almighty Creator. I admit that my struggles are still there but my Faith to God is also getting stronger and deeper as those trials try to battle me. Plus, I already learned my lesson and I really learned it the hard way. And now, I can feel that my old life is slowly coming back but this time, with a better and mature ME.

                So after 3 months with my Friend and Business partner Shandy Lim, our Goal has been met. Thanked God we have reached and achieved it. When I started to join this business, I just dreamed of wanting to have my old life again but this time, I will be wiser and more mature in handling every portion of my life. And thank you so much to our Almighty GOD because he answered all of my heart’s wishes & prayers and he even added plenty of bonuses to it. So now, it’s my time to RISE AGAIN and this time I will use everything that I have learned and put it to good use…

                I would like to Thank our Almighty GOD first and I would like to Thank next is my Friend Shandy Lim for giving me the opportunity to RISE AGAIN and believing in my potentials that I could turn this business into a success story…

                Along the way I also met Ms. Lea Bayubay who guided and advised me in how to turn this business into a triumphant outcome. And I would also like to thank most importantly my Leaders who became my Friends, each and everyone of you are the very reason why our Team has been a success in VMOBILE Industry…

- The Prodigal Learner

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Loner Traveller’s 27th Birthday (A Simple Ordinary Guy Who Lived Life Extraordinarily)

              Most of the people think that what I am referring to as an “Extraordinary Life” is a life lived luxuriously, eating pleasurable foods and travelling lavishly in many parts of the Philippines. But they are all wrong… Because what I mean by an “Extraordinary Life” is deeper than what many people think, it is filled with more purpose and meaning, it is a life lived significantly with the discovery of true inner joy and faith formed within oneself… All people has this but only few realize that they have this gift given by our God to influence and change all the people in the world to have a better view about their lives and the world as how they see it… So now, I can finally say that Armie “Happy Loner Traveller” Yuson, a simple ordinary guy has lived his 27 years of existence extraordinarily by using what he has which is his love for writing, photography and video documentary in inspiring and touching people’s lives to make our world a better and wonderful place to live in…

            I have a lot of advocacies in life but these 3 main things sum up all of my passion… The First one is to promote Philippine Tourism, we have wonderful natural resources, one of the best in the world, I would want to promote what we have to the world because I am so proud of my country, the Philippines… The Second one is I help and train people to be tour guides in local places that I visit in order for them to see the possibility of a fantastic work in our tourism industry, thereby allowing the increase of job opportunities and eradicating poverty in the Philippines… The third one is I’m teaching everyone to protect and preserve our mother nature, I am against to those people who try to change the natural architecture of our earth, I am against to those who try to commercialize a fascinating place by building steel structures that would destroy the innate magnificence of a place’s natural wonder...

And another calling of mine is for the past 11 years, every Christmas, I try to help one family who has nothing at all to build their own business, a “Sari-Sari Store” where they could start to make it grow and become their source for bread & butter. I teach them on how to run their business because I realized that if you will just feed them, after that, it’s gone, they will be hungry again. Well as, if you teach them on how to handle their own business, the flow of help would be continuous and they could also pass to others the help you have given them, it also trains them to be more productive rather than letting them wait for another feeding program. Recently, I visited the 11 families that I’ve helped and Thanked God I’m so happy because their business are still existing and it has helped them a lot, their children graduated from high school and even college because of the money that came from the “Sari-Sari Store”.

With the current technology like social networking sites and the arising of new forms of businesses, I also use these tools to my advantage, I created a page named “Filipino Pharmacist”, which in its 2 years, has helped 59 Pharmacist find their jobs that they love and have helped their families as well. Also, with the new business I’m in right now, “VMobile”, It has allowed me to expand my views regarding businesses, that I could help other people by letting them see the opportunity that this business can offer, not only that, I am also helping them maximize their potentials by developing their personalities in a more optimistic and approachable way. And I’m given the chance to help those who want to have their own simple livelihood. Also, opening their connections in gaining more friends…

            And all the greatest gifts that I have received in my entire life are when people come and talk to me and they’re saying that their lives have been changed by my articles, that I have inspired them to live a positive and better one. That they have discovered that there are amazing and astonishing places here in the Philippines that they know nothing about, that whenever they read my articles, see my photos and watch my videos, it’s as if they were also there in that particular place. And that they can also see the goodness of the heart and the depth of passion of the author to his writings. As a writer, it is the best compliment that could ever be given by someone to me coz’ it inspires me more to work harder for greater articles so that I could change more lives that needed encouragement and that I could motivate people to open their mind and heart, that there is a greater purpose for each one of us out there, just waiting to be uncovered…

            So now, on October 9, 2011, a 27 year old simple and ordinary guy has lived an Extraordinary Life… And he may not have contributed that much in trying to change the world, it may be a small personal offering, but the important thing is he started to lit the fire in other’s eyes and one day he believes that this little act will make a big difference in sheltering the values left in us humans and preserving a better world for future generations to live in. And doing something that truly gives a fulfillment in his heart, is more than enough and it is the greatest birthday wish he has ever had… Happy Birthday to ME!!!

- Happy Loner Traveller

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Life Of A Great Man

             We all knew how wonderful this man is but we never knew what made him great. We never heard the ups and downs stories that built this man for greatness. Well, here is a short summary of this person’s life… On the 22nd of May in the year of our lord 1934, this baby boy named Armando who no one knew what his future would be, was born. He was the eldest of 7 children. However, he didn’t experience to bond that much with his siblings because he grew up from his grandparent’s side. But that didn’t stop him from becoming a good brother and son especially when he already had his business in the latter years of his life, he is always ready to help them when they are in dire need and he gives his mom a weekly allowance as a gift. He experienced a lot in his early life. At 7 years old, he was chased by Japanese soldiers during the time of World War II. At 10, he started selling “pandesal” from the “panaderia”. At 12, he learned how to smoke and joined his peers by doing standby’s to wherever they will go as “taong-gala”. At 21, he dropped out of college because there wasn’t enough money to pay for his tuition so he was forced to work and enter as a door-to-door salesman for Johnson & Johnsons Company selling Colgate and Palmolive products, with his hard-working attitude, he was then promoted to become a division manager but was later fired from his work. At 21 too, he also met the great love of his life which he married and up to this very day, 55 years of true love blossomed creating a family of 5 children and 11 grandchildren.

            There came to a point in his life that he just wanted to give up living it… One Sunday, he went to the church and attended the service there, with only 50 pesos left in his wallet and with no work, he gave all of his last money to GOD. Little did he knew, that the simplest and unnoticeable act that he did would change his life forever… Numerous opportunities that would change his and his loved-one’s lives would come after his act of sacrifice… There came the Business that would be considered as the fruit of his Faith to God, the Spring which later became Classe’ Cooking oil, it was the bread and butter of the whole family… And from that, he already had the opportunity to be used as an instrument of GOD, he started with his own family by being a good provider through giving of good food, various businesses and quality education to his children, next is through sharing the blessings of God in his life by creating a church and fellowship which is now known as the Gospel of Christ, he has helped countless of people in so many ways, I don’t even know where to start but if I would name a few things, it would be the way he helps people by means of scholarships, giving sacks of rice, food sharing, money problems, bringing lost souls back to our almighty and so much more. He also worked in the government for 30 years in various positions like Chairman in the San Carlos Water District. He is an adviser to many, not only in the Gospel of Christ, but to struggling marriages and campaigning politicians. He has really been an influential person in many good ways and he always knows where to give thanks and that is to his Almighty Creator, GOD.

            The faith of this man to our GOD is immense… If I would make a contest and name someone as who’s the most Faithful person to God I have ever met? Without a single doubt, it is Him. Do you want to know his secret to a very successful life? Then he would only tell you 3 words, GOD the Father… He is always the proudest when he says that he has done 10 years of morning watch and it is waking up in the 1st hour of your life praising, researching and giving thanks to our Almighty GOD. With Armando? He always does it at 3 in the morning. And up to now, he still consistently reads books and watches documentaries aside from the bible to get to know more about GOD. He told me that on his 2nd year of his morning watch, he was praying and then suddenly a voice in his head told him “Ngayon anak, magpapakilala na ako sayo” (In this very moment my Child, I will introduce Myself to You) and from that moment he felt a warm unexplainable feeling and a covenant between him and our Almighty was born. He was given the opportunity to know our real GOD which rarely happens and very few people were chosen to have that kind of gift and together with it, is 100 percent blessing regarding financial matters, that even if he’s not requesting for it? GOD is giving it to him.

            With regards to his health, journeying to 77 years of his existence was not an easy task. At 55 years old, he had his first heart attack due to his excessive chronic smoking vices. That’s the time he stopped smoking. And at 70 years old, he was bypassed (heart surgery). But the worst thing that happened to him was when he was diagnosed with a Congestive heart failure that was discovered when he had a pulmonary edema (water in the lungs), it is an irreversible degenerative disease in the medical books that has a prognosis of a short timeline. But with so much faith and with the family’s strong bond of prayers, God again answered our heart’s desires, when he came back for a follow-up, the doctor gladly gave the good news, that it’s a miracle, his congestive heart failure was gone… So as his Grandson, I’m so much thankful to GOD that he gave my Grandfather the greatest wealth, and that is a long healthy life until now and there are more years to come for him with God’s unconditional grace…

            These stories that I’ve shared to you are only a few stories to his thousands of amazing stories… I just told you the surface side of it. But if you will really try to know his life’s voyage then you will really learn a lot especially on how kind, gracious and really loving our Almighty GOD is…

            My Grandfather has impelled me to follow his footsteps. He has been my role model and a really big influence in my life. He had taught me to be futuristic, to not think of today but what my future would be. He motivated me to be a great provider for my family one day, not only in financial matters but with education, values and spiritual aspects of life as well. He heartened me to virtuously do good to my neighbors. He inspired me to be a faithful lover to only one woman in my lifetime. And he inspirited in me the dream of having a strong covenant with our Almighty Creator. As his Grandson, I really learned a lot from him about how magnificent and beautiful life is, that GOD will return all the blessings that you deserve depending on how much good you have planted in your life…

- The Thoughtful Son

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Forgotten Prince

            I fell in love with you not because of your status and position in life… But I’ve intimately fallen so hard for you because of how I knew you before you were all of these today… The Real You…

            You were the only Princess in my life who made me truly smile like no one else has ever done it… You were the only one who showed me how possible everything could be when you truly love someone… You were the only Fairy who have let me realize on how far you could go for someone you are deeply in love with… That you can never count the miles, it’ll always be beyond boundaries, it’ll always be infinite…

            You were the only person who pushed me and unselfishly allowed me to get my strength from when everyone else has left, doubted and discouraged me to pursue living all of my dreams… You were the Perfect “YOU”…

            But with little given time, that’s how fast you’ve changed… I didn’t even had a glimpse that you were turning into this person which is so opposite of everything that I knew about you… The Unreal You…

            It broke not only the deepest parts of my heart and soul but all of ME… Because what you are right now made you not only forget about your real dreams and who you truly are… But also made you forget your Prince whom you have vowed that you can never live without… Made you forget the Prince whom you have cried upon his shoulders to and caught all of your sad teardrops through his palm… Made you forget the Prince who kneeled and asked you to love him and be with him for the rest of your time… Made you forget the Prince who have tried to do everything in completely filling up the emptiness inside of you with laughter, happiness and unconditional love…

            Even if now, You are already gone… My Heart will always remain in a state of being in a “Happily Ever After” feeling because you left so many fascinating, surprising and spectacular memories which my mind will always take note of…

            And even if you have already Forgotten me now… My Heart would never fail to always remind me to not forget that you will always be the owner of ME…

- Poetic Prince

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Traveller’s Artful Lenses (Photography Through My Eyes)

                The Lens of the Camera will always be insignificant when compared to the Eyes of the Photographer who appreciates and sees art through whatever medium he uses. Whether it be from a Cellphone camera, DSLR, Digicam, Underwater camera or even if you still add high quality lenses. No matter how costly and high the specificities of a camera is, when you don’t know how to capture a great story, it’ll all be useless. Great Photos will always be defined by the stories behind it and not with its Lenses…

                For a Traveller like Me? I’m more focused on what our environment and animals are saying to us Humans, who are the highest form of Species occupying the blue and green Earth. I’m capturing and sharing Nature’s stories to All of You. I’m shouting their call for help to us. That we Humans should be responsible for them coz’ when all else fails, We will be the ones who will be suffering in the end.

                So as one of the 7 Billion Human Population around the Globe, I am Voluntarily Advocating myself to help rebuild our dying Nature. Through my captured photos and written stories on how magnificent our World is, I might encourage All of You to be one with my Advocacy, to act with Me in saving our Mother Earth. It’s just simple, besides REDUCE, RE-USE and RECYCLE, We must also PLANT TREES and LESSEN the EMISSION OF CARBON COMPOUNDS. We must NOT USE PLASTICS especially BURNING or BURYING this in the Soil. We must use LESS ELECTRICITY too. Let US start now! And not wait for the time that We will regret all the carelessness that We have done. Hopefully, My Photos will raise awareness within your conscience and hearts.

                I am not a Professional Photographer but I’m a Photographer by Heart… Thank you and may GOD Bless US all…

- Happy Loner Traveller