Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Traveller’s Artful Lenses (Photography Through My Eyes)

                The Lens of the Camera will always be insignificant when compared to the Eyes of the Photographer who appreciates and sees art through whatever medium he uses. Whether it be from a Cellphone camera, DSLR, Digicam, Underwater camera or even if you still add high quality lenses. No matter how costly and high the specificities of a camera is, when you don’t know how to capture a great story, it’ll all be useless. Great Photos will always be defined by the stories behind it and not with its Lenses…

                For a Traveller like Me? I’m more focused on what our environment and animals are saying to us Humans, who are the highest form of Species occupying the blue and green Earth. I’m capturing and sharing Nature’s stories to All of You. I’m shouting their call for help to us. That we Humans should be responsible for them coz’ when all else fails, We will be the ones who will be suffering in the end.

                So as one of the 7 Billion Human Population around the Globe, I am Voluntarily Advocating myself to help rebuild our dying Nature. Through my captured photos and written stories on how magnificent our World is, I might encourage All of You to be one with my Advocacy, to act with Me in saving our Mother Earth. It’s just simple, besides REDUCE, RE-USE and RECYCLE, We must also PLANT TREES and LESSEN the EMISSION OF CARBON COMPOUNDS. We must NOT USE PLASTICS especially BURNING or BURYING this in the Soil. We must use LESS ELECTRICITY too. Let US start now! And not wait for the time that We will regret all the carelessness that We have done. Hopefully, My Photos will raise awareness within your conscience and hearts.

                I am not a Professional Photographer but I’m a Photographer by Heart… Thank you and may GOD Bless US all…

- Happy Loner Traveller

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