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The Multi-Talented and Romantic Traveller (Philippine’s 100 Most Eligible Bachelors of 2010)

          Thank you so much to our God for giving me a wonderful opportunity to be included in the list of the Philippine’s 100 most Eligible Bachelors for the year 2010. Being already included in the Top 100 is already a huge honor and privilege for me. So I want to thank the staff and management behind Vivre Fort Entertainment for opening another door for me to continue in this wonderful Career… I am ARMIE YUSON, The Multi-Talented and Romantic Traveller of the 100 Bachelors. I will show you some of my interviews in order for you to get to know more of me and my perceptions and principles in Life…
    • Sell yourself in a sentence.
I’m a “Happy Loner Traveller”, meaning most of the time, I just pack my bags and leave without anyone knowing that I left. I just go where my feet takes me. And whenever I go to other places, I usually go out alone and I never felt sad but rather I'm happy because I could discover things and understand more of myself, it's like I'm with Me, trying to get to know myself better and still discovering my own secrets and potentials in life... I'm learning to appreciate the gifts that God gave for our eyes to see and that is the beauty of his world... and feel how much God loves us... and through my photos, videos and blogs, I could share to the world my personal experiences and through that I hope I could inspire them to live life to the fullest, that they should seize every opportunity that comes their way and show them how God loves us through his gifts like our Natural Treasures...
    • Describe your typical day.
I wake up early to go to school and from there I would grab every time and opportunity to learn and add another piece of knowledge to my brain which I could use in the future to save a life… and after school, I go directly to work especially when I have foreign clients who are getting me as their travel organizer.
    • Songs you’d put on a CD for a girl you liked?
My Original Love songs as well as my own versions of my favorite songs that would best describe her…
    • Where do you hope to be or how do you see yourself 5 years from now?
5 years from now, I see myself as a doctor with a specialty, still doing commercials and print ad modeling and even acting in indie films and commercialized movies and having my beach resort and Filipino restaurant chain business.
    • Why should a girl take you home to meet her parents?
I’m a very respectful and God fearing person, I still believe and do Filipino traditions like “pag Mano” and “opo”, as well as addressing them with sir/ma’am or tito/tita. That’s the best way to win over a girl’s parents because if you show respect to them then they will know that you also respect their daughter. And the first impression of her parents will be the last meaning once they don’t like you, it’s very difficult to change that. So you should show your best and true personality when meeting the parents for the first time. Be at your best and be true to yourself.
    • Who are the people you most admire?
The people that I most admire are my grandparents and parents… for inspiring me to be like them in handling true loving relationships as well as great careers. I admire them so much for teaching and guiding me to the best that I can be, for giving me opportunities to learn so much from life and for nurturing and bringing me up to the best of their abilities.
    • If you could be any woman for a day, who would you be and why?
I would be Hilary Clinton, Currently the most powerful woman in the world, why? For a powerful person, there are a lot of privileges especially when you are the defense secretary of the U.S and you have a strong influence to countries all over the world. It’s an opportunity to make a great and wonderful change for the whole world, to make a better communication between countries to avoid wars and to help change the world into a better one for our kid’s future.
    • What concerns you about the future?
My concern about the future is the population of the whole world is growing so fast, supplies for food is decreasing, so there could be wars of countries all over the world due to lack of natural supplies. And another one is climate change due to global warming, weather changes are getting worst and strong, it’s warmer than ever and storms are stronger than ever. And in the medical field, with most people’s lack of education, sexually transmitted diseases are rampant and increasing especially HIV/AIDS which is untreatable as of present.
    • Who do you dream of working with?
I dream of working with the best, If I would be given a chance to work in Hollywood, I would choose to work with Liam Neeson, Johnny Depp, Nicolas Cage and Leonardo Dicaprio for their level of acting is intense, they really get into their characters, I’m just blown away with how they act their characters. Whenever I watch them, I see their characters and not the actors. I want to learn that from them.
    • Best advice your parents ever gave you?
The best advices that my parents gave me were “We are the one’s building our own future” and “Be futuristic, always think of the future and not right now because this becomes your past, so strive hard to achieve a better future”.
    • Best dish to win a girl over?
As a Filipino, I would cook for her the best Filipino dishes that I know like “Bola Bola and Sotanghon” (A Filipino Dish cooked especially on Christmas), “Sinigang Pork”, “Bulalo”, if she’s not allergic to sea foods, I would cook to her Gambas and all those freshly Grilled Seafoods.
    • What's the noblest thing you did for a stranger?
I have done a lot of noble things for a stranger like returning their lost Cell phones, giving clothes, foods and money to those who really need it but the noblest thing I did was to return a 30,000 Philippine pesos Check that I can en-cash anytime at the Bank. I saw a Check at the floor worth 30,000 Philippines pesos with no name on it but written CASH. My classmates said it was fake, but I know how a check looks like so how can it be fake? So I announced it on every year level of Medicine because I realized that he/she would use this for her tuition fee for Medicine. And the girl who owns the check showed up and I asked her some questions regarding the check so that I won’t be giving it to the wrong person and she was very thankful that I returned it and it was really very heartwarming to be praised for doing a good thing even for just a while.
    • Where would you take your girl out on a date? Rock Concert, Romantic Movie or Out-of-town/Backpacking day trip?
I’m a traveller so my answer is very obvious, definitely on an out-of-town vacation, near the beach where you can have a romantic dinner at a luxurious resort, as well as a place with many fun activities that you can do together for her not to forget the great things you have done with her.
    • Any wise words?
“Seize every opportunity as if it’s your last, coz’ you’ll only know in the end that it’s already too late” – Armie Yuson
    • Do you believe in "love at first sight" or "love takes time to grow"?
Definitely, I believe in “Love at first sight”. I still believe in the magic and sparkle of true great unique special love where one glance at your girl would take you into a lifetime of forever getting to know and admiring her.

Complete the sentence:
    • My relationships deal breaker is….
When the person I trusted the most lied to me regarding a third party
    • Most people don’t know I am…
A very private person, my privacy is very important to me, I’m not a kiss and tell type of guy.
    • As a kid, I dreamed of being ...
A Doctor and an Actor
    • My biggest regret is….
    • My guilty pleasure is….
    • When I become a father, the advice I’d give my teenage son is….
To follow what his heart really beats for yet always considering the good virtues that I taught to him
    • Success is….
Being contented and not asking for more in your life because you already have achieved all that you wanted in your life.
    • I get fired up over….
Unfulfilled promises
    • I like it when a girl wears….
A Beautiful fitted dress…

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