Monday, January 24, 2011

Why My Princess Is The Greatest?

All of the great people We know have a story behind them. They say that behind the greatness of a man lies a woman. Who makes sure that She supports his man to whatever endeavor He enters in.

I, personally would agree to that saying. I may be great or not but beneath me lies a great woman, who changed my life and made me a better, if not, a great person… Her smile tires my loneliness and replaces it with unending happiness… Her voice inspires me to live a full and great life… Her eyes showed me the beauty and goodness of her heart and soul that influences me to have a joyful and sharing heart…

I never want to stop learning more about her as each day passes by, for she is like a book that has the greatest story ever told… I’m the story of her life… and I’m proud to say that she is also the story of mine… for she is not just a chapter in my enchanting story but the whole book itself… Our books co-exist with each other… We both can’t live with each other for our hearts and souls are one with each other…

She is the most unique person in my life… I know her every smile… I know her every laugh… I know her every look… her every move… her every voice… All is perfect to me… what more could I ask for?

She is everything to me… She is my wife, partner, princess and most of all, She is My Greatest Love…

- Poetic Prince

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Winner of “Be Like Happy Loner Traveller” Contest (Birth of “The Filipina Traveller”)

            Me, Armie Yuson a.k.a Happy Loner Traveller, created an ALL EXPENSE PAID Travel Contest as my Thanksgiving Celebration to the Successful 1st Year Anniversary of my Blogsite  ARMIEYUSON.BLOGSPOT.COM  which was on December 12, 2010 and as an opening article for my 2nd Series of Blogs. This is also in line with my Advocacy which is to promote Philippine Tourism, Increase job opportunities to fellow Filipinos and to educate everyone in protecting our mother Earth which is the greatest gift of our GOD to Us.

So on December 1 of 2010, I announced the First ever “Be Like Happy Loner Traveller” Contest and I was so Glad that many participated in the Travel Contest that I created. I didn’t expect the numbers, it was for me an Amazing and Successful Record of 2,658 people who joined the Contest.

The Raffle closed on December 8, 2010 at 11:59 PM. And on December 9, the winner has been announced. It was Sofia Anne Lazatin of Quezon City, Philippines who won the “Be Like Happy Loner Traveller” Contest. And I immediately planned her vacation of which she will be the one deciding where her destination within the Philippines would be and she chose… CORON, PALAWAN… She went on December 21-23 of 2010 and was pampered and treated like a Queen. Prizes were a Roundtrip Airfare via Air Philippines, Roundtrip Airport Transfers, Hotel Accommodation via Princess Of Coron, Full Board Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner), Mount Tapyas Trek, Maquinit Natural Hot Springs, 5 Destination Coron Island Tour and a 24/7 Personal Tour Guide… Now, she has experienced how the life of being a Happy Loner Traveller felt, she told me and I quote “that it was mysterious yet so addictive & spectacular and she wouldn’t have it in any other way, it was a perfect vacation”… and so I dubbed her the name “The Filipina Traveller”… I hope she continues her journey of loving the gift of life and enjoying it to the fullest…

To show as proof that my contest was real, I created a condition that she must give 3 of her best pictures while she was in Coron and while interviewing her via email, I have felt her excitement and how thankful she is that she has won the raffle contest. Thank you to all the sponsors namely Armie’s Travel & Tours, CLASSE’ Vegetable Cooking Oil, Blue Spring Water Refilling Station Manaoag, Fry-Day Cooking Oil, Reina Azul Laundry Soap, Cherry’s Video Production and Pangasinan Doctor’s Hospital, Princess Of Coron Resort and Air Philippines.

            And Thank you so much to all who joined the 1st ever “Be Like Happy Loner Traveller” Contest and to all who congratulated me for the 1st Year Anniversary of  ARMIEYUSON.BLOGSPOT.COM … It became a success because of you… Hopefully, there will be a part 2 on December of 2011. And again, an unending THANK YOU to all of my supporters and readers, you are such a big blessing to me… I will forever be grateful to ALL of YOU… May GOD BLESS US ALL!!! :-)

- Happy Loner Traveller