Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Traveller’s Zoobic Experience (Tiger Safari Of The Philippines)

                I have been around the Philippines and I can honestly say that the most hospitable and accommodating people are found in the staffs of ZOOBIC SAFARI located in Subic Bay Freeport Zone Zambales, for they treated me with the utmost care that I have never imagined someone would do to me in a million years…

                It all started when my friend/supporter Aprilyn Esposo who is a staff photographer there invited me to go back to Zoobic Safari for they have launched their latest unique offering found only in their Zoo all over the Philippines and that is NIGHT SAFARI held only during Saturdays from 5 PM to 10 PM… So I decided to give a visit to Zoobic Safari and to her as well.

                When I arrived at Subic Bay Freeport Zone, I went straight to Zoobic Safari. As I entered Zoobic Safari, I saw a jumping joyous and blissful staff holding an SLR Camera on her hand, right away I knew that it was Aprilyn Esposo. She was at work at that time so she endorsed me to a group day tour at Zoobic Safari and I was shocked because it’s Free! So I started doing my usual “Happy Loner Traveller” works. After the day tour, I went back to check on Aprilyn Esposo again, she just got out from her work, I rested for a while and she accompanied me to tour Zoobic Safari once more but this time, the NIGHT SAFARI tour which is a separate payment from the day tour and shockingly, I got it for Free again! Aside from the Night Safari group tour guide, Aprilyn Esposo was my own personal tour guide and photographer. The nicest thing about what she did for me when I was there was eventhough her shift from work is over, she still stayed and accompanied me all throughout my NIGHT SAFARI tour. After the NIGHT SAFARI, I got again, a Free Buffet Dinner. I’m getting used to Freebies and I’m beginning to love the feeling! But the most surprising thing that the staff gave me is I got a Free Accomodation at CROWN PEAK HOTEL with Breakfast! This is the time that I really felt the most touching gesture that these people have let me experienced. I never spent a single peso on my trip here in Zoobic Safari and I really felt their hospitality, they treated me as if I am a Celebrity! An unending Thank you to Ms. Aprilyn Esposo, Ms. Elizabeth “Betchay” Alvarez, Mrs. Agnes Payad and the rest of the staff of both Zoobic Safari and Crown Peak Hotel… I will never forget your kindness to me, it’ll all be forever cherished in my heart’s memories.

                It’s my second time in ZOOBIC SAFARI, the last time I went here was 3 years ago. When I came back to ZOOBIC SAFARI, many has changed, it has improved a lot, they added more attractions, more free & exciting gimmicks and more Animals that would really make you come back here for so many times and never let you get tired from their Zoo Experience! For 2 and a half hours, you could experience 13 unforgettable attractions which are the Zoobic Park, Rodent World, Serpentarium, Savannah, Forbidden & Zoobic Cave, Animal Muzooeum, Aeta’s Trail, Zipline, Croco Loco, Animal Show & Parade, Close Encounter (with Tigers & Lions) and their 2 main offerings, the Tiger Safari Ride and the Latest NIGHT SAFARI!!!

                You can also ride their Zooper Train, buy at their Zoovenir Shop or have a photo with their Tiger Cubs or other Animals at their Zoombic Foto, a definitely unbelievable souvenir like no other! You can also visit their Animal Care Center and witness how they prepare the Animal’s Foods, how they treat Animals at their clinics and their nursery & hatchery section! You can also have their delectable and savory Aeta-inspired EAT ALL YOU CAN cuisines at Buho Grill.

                My Personal best adventure here is my favorite Tiger Safari Ride, it’s a 10 minute episode where you can witness and imagine how they live in their natural habitat, the Wild! You will be locked in a customized jeepney where the Tigers are the ones who will come to you. A really worthwhile event! You can even feed them chickens and you can observe their large teeth!!! It’s just so amazing! I’ve tried this 3 times already and the only thing that I can say about it is that YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH! You would want to repeat it over and over again!!!

                So now, to see their latest temptation, the NIGHT SAFARI, it’s the same itinerary but this time it’s where most animals are active like the Big Cats of the Jungle, the Crocodiles, the Owl and other Nocturnal Creatures plus with an additional attraction which is the Greyhound Walk, it allows you to have a 15 minute walk in a real live Rainforest at night with just a Greyhound on your side without lights but only pure darkness and echoes of the Jungle. How cool is that?! You will get to have the distinct feeling of being so close to the Jungle… Only seen in ZOOBIC SAFARI! The Main Event of the NIGHT SAFARI is their Night Safari Show & Parade, where you can witness the simulated & rehearsed parade and talents of our Animal Friends together with the Theatrical Presentations of their staff alongside with my favorite breathtaking Aeta’s Performances by playing Fire with their hands and mouth… Their Fire-breathing Masterpieces just literally took my breath away… To put it simply, just WOW!!!

                I am glad to meet and get to know the Aetas working here in Zoobic Safari, 30 percent of the staffs here are Aetas and I’ve learned a lot from them and their cultures. I am glad that our Government gives Free Scholarship Educations to our Ancestral Forefathers and I met one who is a graduate of AB Political Science but instead of practicing his degree, he came back to his village and gave awareness to his co-Aetas that they have a lot of great privileges offered by the Government, they just have to be open minded about it which slowly they are now. I’ve also talked with one of the elder Aetas and he said that if I comeback, he would make me a Free Blow Gun which they are using to hunt for birds or wild boars, I am deeply touched with what he said, that it’s not about the money but what’s important for him is the deep relationship formed between brothers, the appreciation that we learn from it…

                I’ve been to many Zoos, even from the Zoos of other countries like Ohio Zoo in the U.S but what is unique about this Zoo that no other Zoo in the world has, is the feeling that you are one with the Animals. As I was observing everyone who’s going in and out of Zoobic Safari, I have sensed their fulfillment that they have gained to appreciate our Animal friends, that they have learned to protect and care for them already. That is why this is the only Zoo, not only in the Philippines but in the World that has “Real Audience Interaction” especially with the kids. And one more thing, they have the only WHITE TIGER in the Philippines!!!

                I am guilty that this is the BEST Experience of my Life, with our Animal friends and Staff’s excellent and superb hospitality, who wouldn’t want to come back to ZOOBIC SAFARI everyday!!!

                Thank you Aprilyn Esposo for opening my eyes again to the continued beauty of ZOOBIC SAFARI!!! I definitely and strongly recommend that you must visit ZOOBIC SAFARI at once!!! Let us Learn from these Animals, it would help us open our eyes to love again our dying nature…

- Happy Loner Traveller

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Traveller’s Wild Encounter (Zoobic Safari And Ocean Adventure)

                Subic Zambales is a former military naval base of the Americans during World War II but as time ensues, it has been slowly converted into shipping ports, resorts and various tourist attractions.

                My Wildlife Encounter started when I stayed at Camayan Beach Resort which is inside Subic and owned by the same company who owns Ocean Adventure Park. It is a Beachfront resort where you can do kayak. And it’s just a 3 minute walk to Ocean Adventure Park where you can witness performing Dolphins, Sea Lions, and False Killer whales. I also visited ZOOBIC SAFARI, which is a mini-zoo and their main attraction here are Tiger encounters, Yes! You’ve read it right! They will place you inside a secure transportation and you will enter into their natural habitat. It’s a different approach and it is the first here in the Philippines. You can feed them fresh chicken, they can jump on top of the jeep and you can witness and have an idea of their natural killer instincts. It’s different when you see them locked in the cage of the Zoos because what you will experience here is an unusual one. You will be the one who will be placed in a cage and they are the ones who will come near you. It’s an awesome and definitely a must try experience… You can also take pictures with these amazing loveable animals, my favorite is me carrying a 6 month old heavy cub on my lap!!! It’s a photo to cherish for a lifetime!!!

                There is a growing number of new attractions in Subic. We now have the Treetop Adventure, a Zipline experience and the JEST Camp which gives a jungle survival experience with the Aetas. This is good for our country, that our demand for tourism is increasing and I’m happy coz’ it’s going to the direction which my advocacy was created for…

- Happy Loner Traveller

Friday, February 3, 2012


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- Happy Loner Traveller