Monday, June 28, 2010

The Singer In Me

        Eversince I was a child, singing has always been my passion, it is where I release all the things that my heart wishes to say… It is my first love… Until I grew old, I tried to further develop my singing passion, trying to always reach the next level of my talent… So from trying to learn piano when I was a boy until playing different instruments together with my brother, as well as my sister. I decided to make my own album with the help of my siblings. Together, we shared our talents and ideas to create wonderful versions of songs, as well as heartfelt originals…

        My first album was entitled “Love You’ll Ever Need” with 10 songs, 6 of them are originals. We finished this album for about 6 months. And after one year, we decided to make another album. So my 2nd album is self entitled “Armie Yuson” and it has more maturity compared to the first, it also has 10 songs and 8 of them are originals and one is live. We finished the 2nd album for another 6 months. And now, another year has passed, hopefully, we would have another chance to make our third album, we already have 2 original songs on the way and great versions as well…

        I can say that for every new album that we make and for every new song that we sing, we are progressing, learning and improving… not only as performers but as better persons in this world… We try to inspire the youth to be determined in reaching what they really want in life, for making their dreams a reality… That nothing is impossible as long as you have the heart and passion for it… You may not reach the highest peak of your career but the most important thing is you will have no regrets that you lived your life the way you dreamt it would be… You die with a sense of self…  And you passed away in this world leaving a legacy of fulfilled aspirations…

- Soul Writer

A Traveller’s Mystical Quest (Exploration To The Philippine’s Island Of Fire)

         Who said that the province of Siquijor is one of the scariest place in the Philippines because of witchcraft and “aswang”? I strongly disagree with this saying. Those are just old folklore beliefs. I can prove through my pictures and videos that Siquijor is one of the best, if not, “The Best” place in the Philippines because of its rich natural treasures. There are so many activities you can do in Siquijor. It’s called the Island of Fire because at night, Siquijor’s mountains are blazing because of its richly populated fireflies.

          My initial plan was to only have an overnight stay at Siquijor but when I arrived at its pier via the Delta Ferry, an air-conditioned vessel. I instantly knew that there was something very special waiting to be discovered by my eyes. When I entered COCO GROVE BEACH RESORT, an Australian owned retreat place, I immediately fell in love with the place. This I can say that I already have my new favorite haven where I can run to whenever my esteem is low. In here, you have your own long stretch of private white minute powdery soft sand beach in front of you… There are 2 olympic size pools where half of it is seawater… The Siquijorenos are very much welcoming and hospitable and another thing that I love in this resort is their food especially their grilled squid which I always include in my order in every meal, probably the finest grilled squid I’ve tasted in all of my vacations.

         Siquijor is filled with so much nature adventure. Its mountains, caves, beaches, old churches and especially its famous Cambugahay Falls. It contains 3 floors of waterfalls, the first being the highest and deepest where you can jump. I’ve tried jumping twice, with 20 feet high and around 25 feet deep, it’s an intense feeling once you're in the air and gravity starts to pull you down. The foremost extreme feeling I’ve ever had so far.

         At first, I was afraid to visit Siquijor because of the false hearsays about it. But I’m going to tell you, once you’ve seen, felt and experienced the radiance and charm of the Philippine’s Island of Fire. I guarantee that you will come back a million times to be ignited with Siquijor’s natural creations all over again…

- Happy Loner Traveller

Poetic Prince

My Dear princess,

        I have already written you a lot of letters, I have written and shared my best words to you. But still, I never stop writing and sharing my romantic words for you more and more each day. It seems like I never ran out of words to describe how much you always make me feel light and happy each moment that I think of you. I always pray that I would possess this gift of writing until I grow old so that I could always make you smile and feel loved until the very end... thank you for being the reason why my heart can speak such lovely words...
                                        From your poetic prince,

A Traveller’s Seminar Side Trip (Discovering The North)

        It all started unexpectedly when BFAD (Bureau of Food and Drugs) called me and said that there will be an A.O (Administrative Order) 56 “The Regulation of Licensing of Drug Establishments” seminar that will be held on June 12, 2010 at Vigan City, Ilocos Sur where I will be issued a legal certificate of license. They said that it is mandatory for me to attend especially when I am working at a pharmacy. So I told it to the administration of PDH (Pangasinan Doctor’s Hospital) where I’m currently working as a Pharmacist. Right away they gave me a Travel Order. All of my expenses at Vigan were sponsored by the hospital. So I stayed at Grandpa’s Inn Vigan City where the seminar was held.

        It’s my first time to go to ILOCOS and I’m excited because all of this is a rush and unplanned. It was 5 hours travel from Baguio to Vigan city and it costs 237 Philippine Pesos via Partas Bus. When I arrived at VIGAN, it was almost midnight and raining but I still toured the place right away. I grabbed every opportunity and time to visit as much spots as I can. I went right away to the Heritage site called “CALLE CRISOLOGO” where old preserved Spanish houses are just everywhere.

        The next day, it was seminar day. It started at 9:30 AM and ended at 2:00 PM. Good thing, I saw my long time friend and college classmate since 1st semester of 1st year JOAN TAGORDA, I sat beside her and caught up to the times that we haven’t seen each other. So after the long seminar about the A.O 56, R.A (Republic Act) 5921 and other laws, I immediately packed my things and went right away to Laoag city, Ilocos Norte. It’s a 2 hours travel from Vigan to Laoag and it costs 121 Philippine Pesos via Partas Bus. From Laoag, I rode a non air-conditioned bus to Pagudpod, it’s another 2 hour travel via Marlon’s Bus and it costs 60 Philippine Pesos. I enjoyed the fresh breeze of the wind so much while on my way to the known “Boracay of The North” which is Pagudpod. The sceneries going there are so rich in green pastures.

       After arriving at Pagudpod, Ilocos Norte, I stayed at this Budgeted NORTHRIDGE Beach Resort located at SAUD Beach for only 1,000 Philippine Pesos per night and this time all of my expenses are already on my own, so I have to budget again like a Traveller. The second morning, I woke up early to tour what PAGUDPOD has to offer. I went to Blue Lagoon Beach which is a 40 minutes travel from Saud Beach. While on the way to Blue Lagoon Beach or what the locals call, the “Maira-Ira Beach”, you will pass by KAIBIGAN FALLS, it’s a 1 hour walk back and forth to this refreshing falls with an entrance fee of 10 pesos. While walking to Kaibigan Falls, you will encounter a lot of “BATIS” or Creek. Also while on the way to Blue Lagoon Beach, you will see the famous PATAPAT VIADUCT, a zigzag coastal bridge and AQUA GRANDE where the freshwater will meet the seawater. The last special spot that you will see before arriving at the famous Blue Lagoon is the BANTAY-ABOT CAVE. When I saw the BLUE LAGOON BEACH, it instantly became one of my favorites, it is truly a replica of the most popular getaway in the Philippines, Boracay. With blue water and white fine sand, you would want to run to the beach and dip your body right away… My Last stop to Pagudpod before going back to Laoag is another famous tourist spot, the BANGUI WINDMILLS, it is the project of Senator Bongbong Marcos, the son of our late President Ferdinand Marcos. And I salute him for that.

       After visiting the main tourist destinations in Pagudpod, it’s time to go back to LAOAG for me to discover its special offerings. I stayed at Hotel Tiffany for only 630 Philippines Pesos. After checking inn, right away I visited the UNESCO World Heritage site, the PAOAY CHURCH or also known as ST. AUGUSTINE CHURCH OF PAOAY, ILOCOS NORTE. From Laoag to Paoay, the travel time is 30 minutes. I also visited the famous Fort Ilocandia Beach Resort, the Ilocos Sand Dunes where Tom Cruise had a shoot for his “Born on the 4th of July” movie and the Philippine’s PANDAY movies starring FPJ and Bong Revilla. I also saw the Malacanang of the North, Marcos Museum, Sinking Bell Tower and Ilocos Norte Museum (30 PhP entrance fee) for educational purposes. Of course, why would I forget, I’m a number one Food Tripper, I tried all the famous Ilocano Dishes like Bagnet, Bagpet, Pinakbet, Lauya and Vigan Longanissa.

       All in all, thanks to the unplanned seminar, because of it, I was unexpectedly given a chance to discover ILOCOS and how beautiful the place was… I needed this for another break and truly God is so great and works in mysterious ways…

- Happy Loner Traveller

A Traveller’s Enchanting Expedition (A Noteworthy Tour To The Land Of Gentle People)

        Negros Oriental, like Siquijor has numerous of activities to offer. The only difference is, this is more urbanized compared to the Island of Fire. My first stop was the capital of Negros Oriental, the City of Gentle People known as Dumaguete. This is a higly commercialized area where there are many Universities like the popular Silliman University which was founded in 1901 and restaurants like La Cavitena, Lab-as Seafoods and San’s Rival CafĂ©. Also in Dumaguete, you can see the famous Roxas Boulevard (Visayas’s “Manila Baywalk” version) where at night, local entertainers, food and tourists come together for a night of festivity. You can also see historic landmarks such as the Old Bellfry tower.

        My next destination in Negros Oriental was in the town of Valencia, where you can see the most picturesque waterfalls of the Philippines, the Casaroro Falls with 100 meters high and super cold water, you would want to dip and refresh yourself with it. Beside the Casaroro Falls, another waterfalls can be seen, it is the Pulang-Bato Falls, from the name itself, Red Rocks literally create this idyllic waterfalls.

        I also visited the Twinlakes and the Sandbar in the northernmost part of Negros Oriental but the thing that would make you come back here is the given title of the province itself, truly remarkable, amiable, easygoing and softhearted people will courteously welcome you in their admirable neighborhood of tremendous natural sceneries.

- Happy Loner Traveller