Monday, June 28, 2010

A Traveller’s Enchanting Expedition (A Noteworthy Tour To The Land Of Gentle People)

        Negros Oriental, like Siquijor has numerous of activities to offer. The only difference is, this is more urbanized compared to the Island of Fire. My first stop was the capital of Negros Oriental, the City of Gentle People known as Dumaguete. This is a higly commercialized area where there are many Universities like the popular Silliman University which was founded in 1901 and restaurants like La Cavitena, Lab-as Seafoods and San’s Rival CafĂ©. Also in Dumaguete, you can see the famous Roxas Boulevard (Visayas’s “Manila Baywalk” version) where at night, local entertainers, food and tourists come together for a night of festivity. You can also see historic landmarks such as the Old Bellfry tower.

        My next destination in Negros Oriental was in the town of Valencia, where you can see the most picturesque waterfalls of the Philippines, the Casaroro Falls with 100 meters high and super cold water, you would want to dip and refresh yourself with it. Beside the Casaroro Falls, another waterfalls can be seen, it is the Pulang-Bato Falls, from the name itself, Red Rocks literally create this idyllic waterfalls.

        I also visited the Twinlakes and the Sandbar in the northernmost part of Negros Oriental but the thing that would make you come back here is the given title of the province itself, truly remarkable, amiable, easygoing and softhearted people will courteously welcome you in their admirable neighborhood of tremendous natural sceneries.

- Happy Loner Traveller

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