Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Traveller’s Sweet Escape (The Mango Capital Of The Philippines)

          Guimaras is popularly known as the place where you can taste the sweetest mangoes in the World, where even other countries order in advance just to have a bite of the pride mangoes of the Philippines and that there is even a law to protect the mangoes of Guimaras by prohibiting the importation of mangoes from other places inside Guimaras. However, Guimaras has a lot of diverse activities to offer besides its popular mouth-watering mangoes. It has its popular tourist sites waiting to be discovered like the Guisi Old Lighthouse and Beach, Trappist Monastery (The only Monk Monastery in the Philippines), Macopo Falls, Sadsad Falls, Mango Plantation Farms, Mountain Adventure Park (Horseback Riding, Camping, Firing Range, Paintballs and Slide & Rapelling), Alubihod Beach, Lawi “Pawikan” Sanctuary, Ave Maria Island and my favorite of them all, the Tatlong Pulo Island where I had the tastiest fresh catch 1 and ½ Kilos of Crabs for only 170 Philippine Pesos… Besides also being known as having a lot of varieties of Seafoods, I also love their native mango delicacies like the Piaya for only 30 Philippine Pesos and Dried Mangoes for only 70 Philippine Pesos. There are also popular and money-saving Seafood restaurants here like the Sa Payaw Grill and Lisa’s Talabahan.

          In order to arrive at Guimaras, its gateway is Iloilo City which is similar to Metro Manila for being an urbanized and commercialized area. From Iloilo City’s Ortiz Port, you will take a 15 minute boat ride for only 13 Philippine pesos per person to Jordan Wharf of Guimaras. From there you can take the tricycle, multi-cab or jeepney going around the small promising Province of Guimaras.

          In all of my vacations within and outside the country, I have met the most hospitable group of people here in Guimaras, all of my needs and wants were all accommodated perfectly. Even if you’re tired, their kindness, smile and laughter will truly brighten up the rest of your day. And they will really literally make you feel that you’re at home and you’re the owner of the place. It’s like you’ve known them forever because they really make you feel that you are very close to them. This group of people I’m referring to are the people managing the Hotel place where I stayed at Guimaras and it is called ZEMKAMPS CHALET, its structure is similar to that of the appealing cabins in the mountains and It’s located in the central business district of Guimaras which is San Miguel…

          I was given a chance to talk to the owner of ZEMKAMPS CHALET, Engr. Eugene Palmes, He is based in Qatar and only visits the Philippines once a year for only a month. It is a big privilege for me to have a little chat with Sir Eugene, He shared to me his insights in creating a great hotel and resort, as well as his future plans for ZEMKAMPS CHALET, as I’m listening to his thoughts and advices, I was so amazed and inspired in how he brilliantly handled his beautiful life and wonderful family. I’ve learned a lot from him in our short conversation and I prayed to our Almighty right away that hopefully with God’s grace he would give me the same blessing as he has given to Sir Eugene… I also would like to say Thank you to Joanne, Raul and Teresa for a marvelous job for surpassing my expectations…

          The alluring Island of Guimaras is very prone to the destructions caused by the Human Race like Oil Spill and Garbage. Please, I am calling help to the Natives as well as the Local Government of Guimaras to let us create programs wherein we can be knowledgeable in protecting and conserving the radiance and beauty of Guimaras’s Nature for these Scenic spots can bring us fortunes because these are our own treasures given by our God and we may use it for our daily living. If we protect our captivating land then we will invite tourists from all over the world to get a glimpse of our astonishing culture and ravishing natural beauties… Help promote Philippine Tourism to increase more Jobs for our fellow Filipinos…

- Happy Loner Traveller

*** This Article has been adapted by PEARSON INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING COMPANY and I will be fully acknowledged.

Friday, September 24, 2010

A Traveller’s Untimely Misadventure (A Birth To A Second Life)

          While I’m writing this, the first thing that came up from my mind was I’m very thankful that GOD is so great to me. He gave me the chance to see and realize how worthy and valuable my everyday life is… He allowed me to come back with a refined purpose of which I could go in pursuit of… and he enabled me to see the bigger picture of life, that we should not take everyone and everything for granted because all the things in this world has a contribution of what and who are we in the present.

          It was August 31, 2010 at 1:50 PM when the unexpected had happened. It was my last day at CEBU, so my itinerary for that day is work. I’m a Travel Organizer so my job is to give the best quality of vacation to my clients. On that hour, I was going to Pier One via taxi to buy Ferry tickets for my new clients. While the taxi is crossing an intersection (20-30 KPH Speed), I recognized that the Ten Wheeler Truck on the left road of the intersection is not stopping (60-80 KPH Speed). So I called the attention of the taxi driver right away. I shouted for him to hit the brakes. But he heard it late and the only best thing to do at that 2-3 second moment was to wait for what will happen next. So the Ten Wheeler Truck hit the Front and Left Lateral side of the taxi and the car twirled twice and was thrown for about 15 Feet away from where the site of the collision had happened. The taxi was totally wrecked and then right away I got out of the car and all the Gossipers who ran into me were all shocked as if it was a miracle that nothing happened to me, not even a single bruise or scratch. Right away, I realized how lucky and blessed I am that GOD really protected me in that traumatic accident. First, he gave me strong instincts to easily realize that the Ten Wheeler Truck was not stopping, so with that I called the attention of the taxi driver immediately, preventing the truck from hitting the side of the car where I’m located, instead it hit the front and the side of the driver, if I called the attention of the driver late, definitely, it will hit my side. Second, he allowed me to be in the medical field to know what part of my body should I protect, so I secured my upper spine especially from Cervical 3 and above. Third, I was on the right side of the car opposite from where the truck hit the car. Fourth, after the truck smashed into the car, good thing the driver of the truck stepped on the brakes right away or else we will be dragged down and get crushed. Fifth, I saw the whole scenario and it’s like I was riding a rollercoaster, I got out of the car right away with no bruises and scratch. However, the driver, who was directly hit from his side suffered a minor concussion and was brought to the hospital. He was so distressed and traumatized that it took him several minutes to get out of the car.

          There are 3 things that will emerge from your mind when that situation will occur. 1st, was your thoughts will just be empty. 2nd, was to wait for the impact. 3rd, was after the bump have taken place, the question will you still be alive will come out. It was really a drastic and haunting experience for me. I suddenly realized that even if how careful you are, accidents or problems will still follow you. So the best way to do is to be always prepared that GOD is always in your Heart and like what I’m always saying “Seize every opportunity as if it’s your last, coz’ you’ll only know in the end that it’s already too late, so enjoy the gifts that life has to offer.” Always grab every opportunity that will come your way and make the most out of it so that there will be no regrets that you didn’t live your life the way you want it to be.

          A Second Chance to Life made me realize that the greatest gift of GOD to us is our existence in his world. So let us celebrate, cherish and appreciate every second of our borrowed time. Let us work hard to grow and learn all the beautiful things that our short life has to offer…

          And I want to call all the local and national governments of the Philippines to please give license only to those qualified drivers so that these kinds of instances will not happen again, especially in CEBU which is one of the Top Tourist Destinations in the Philippines. We must ensure every safety of both the locals and foreigners who are having fun in their planned escapade.

- Happy Loner Traveller