I call myself a "Happy Loner Traveller" Why? It's because whenever I go to other places, I usually go out alone and I never felt sad but rather I'm happy because I could discover things and understand more of myself, it's like I'm with Me, trying to get to know myself better and still discovering my own secrets and potentials in life... I'm learning to appreciate the gifts that God gave for our eyes to see and that is the beauty of his world... and feel how much God loves us... and I'm also a hopeless romantic still waiting for my Fairy Princess to come and become the breath of my simple yet unique life... I have my own perception of True Great Love, I even wrote a book about it... and for me religion is not important, I believe that it's just a guide but rather, your FAITH to GOD is what really is significant because in the end you still decide for your own destiny. I'm a futuristic person meaning I really work hard to have a nice future for my family one day... I'm just an ordinary person dreaming and trying to make the impossible extraordinary things that one can achieve in his lifetime... And still, I enjoy the beauty that life can offer in every second of my life...


My All Time Favorites:
  • Fave Color - Red
  • Fave Food - Lutong Bahay (Filipino)
  • Fave Dish - Bopiz
  • Fave Movie - Cutting Edge (1992)
  • Fave TV Show - WWE (Raw & Smackdown)
  • Fave Song - Everytime (Janet Jackson)
  • Fave Book - Jonathan Livingston Seagull
  • Fave Sport - Basketball
  • Fave Sports Team - Chicago Bulls (Jordan Era)
  • Fave Local Singer - Jed Madela
  • Fave Local Band - Bamboo
  • Fave International Singer - David Cook
  • Fave International Band - Nickelback
  • Fave Athlete - Shawn Michaels (WWE)
  • Fave Local Actor - Johnny Delgado
  • Fave Local Actress - Maricel Soriano 
  • Fave International Actor - Liam Neeson
  • Fave International Actress - Rachel McAdams
  • Fave Local Celebrity - Dolphy Quizon
  • Fave International Celebrity - Johnny Depp

Hobbies & Interests:
  • Singing
  • Acting
  • Dancing
  • Hosting
  • Playing The Piano
  • Composing Songs
  • Creating Documentary Films
  • Writing Poems, Articles & Short Stories
  • Blogging
  • Photography
  • Cooking & Eating
  • Reading Books
  • Playing Almost All Sports
  • Listening To Music (All Kinds Of Genre)
  • Watching Movies (I'm A Certified Movie Buff)
  • Working On My Businesses
  • TRAVELLING!!! :-)

My Top 8 Crushes:
  1. Kate Hudson
  2. Kate Beckinsale
  3. Heather Graham
  4. Rachel McAdams
  5. Amber Heard
  6. Emmanuelle Chriqui
  7. Leighton Meester
  8. Rooney Mara

What You Didn't Know About Me:

  • I was the only one in the history of my Alma Mater (High School) to win the PROM KING Title Twice... When I was in my 3rd year and 4th year High School... One of my highlights in my High School Life... And until now, I still can't believe why I won... haha! :-)

  • I had 5 Nationwide Commercials & Print Ads (Skyflakes, Smart, PC Express, Hallway, Gelatimo) And 1 Big Event Project (Philippine's 100 Most Eligible Bachelors Of 2010 - Top 7) which was held at SMX Convention Center Mall Of Asia. I also had a Local Commercial (Classe').

  • People close to me knows this, and they know that I should be an Endorser of Softdrinks because I'm so Addicted to Coke! I don't have any vices, I don't smoke and I don't drink Alcohol. I just can't take Coke out of my System! :-(

  • My Dream Businesses are my Chain of Restaurants named "Nanay Cora's", named after my Grandmother who cooks the greatest dishes that I've ever tasted and my Chain of Beach Resorts named "Yebah Hotel & Resorts" everywhere in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao...

  • The Closest Person in my life is my Grandfather "Armando Q. Leyva" because he is the one who raised me up, 70% of what I am now is a replica of him. All of my Knowledge regarding Life, Religion, History and Businesses came from him. He is also my Personal Hero & Protector. He is the Great Influencer in My Life.