Thursday, February 9, 2017

An Ordinary Son's Letter To His Extraordinary Father

Dear Dad Choy,

                In the back of your mind, you might have had numerous thoughts over the past years concerning the four of us taking you for granted. That for 32 years, all of your efforts for us were all just washed off & underappreciated, that the Family you ideally dreamed of creating since your younger days have all been obliterated away. You felt that the four of us don’t love you nor even offered care about you and that you assembled this inconceivable idea in your mind that you were alone in your life… But now I am telling you that all of these contemplation running through your mind were never true, not a single one… Because we, beyond extraordinary doubt and to a great extent are truly grateful & deeply thankful for all of your sacrifices in giving us the most secured, unwavered and stable life that we don’t even deserve of having... But because of your unconditional & absolute love for us, you are still continuing to give it to us even up to this very day that we are already adults. So how could we have the right to question your love for us when the four of us knew in the bottom of our hearts that you have given away your personal dreams just so that we could taste & experience a beautifully established life because nothing would ever make you happy than witnessing the four us take pleasure & happiness from the unqualified & unrestricted labors of your heart…

                I have recalled & remembered so much in which I am very thankful for in your life. From the moment that I was born in this world, you’ve instantly decided to switch careers from being a Doctor into a Businessman because at that time, it was the most appropriate action to feed a newborn child’s needs because a starting Physician’s salary wouldn’t supply my demand. So without giving a second thought, you’ve readily left your passion of being a Doctor in order for me to survive. That is too much of you to sacrifice but you still did it for me. I have never said thank you for that but now I am saying “THANK YOU SO MUCH DAD”… when I was in my grade school, you weren’t always in the house that you built for us because you were constantly away, travelling for 10 hours straight to Laoag just so that you could sell cooking oil and provide for me & my sibling’s needs. You’ve worked non-stop & tirelessly for 32 years, creating several businesses such as video production, gaming centers, oil repacking, bottle recycling, cardboard manufacturing, water refilling station & many more. That’s how intensely dedicated & committed you are to your Family. 3 years ago, When I dealt with the biggest obstacle of my life, you as a worried & concerned Father cannot bear nor stand to watch your son suffer & become helpless. That is why, without any question, you instantaneously aided me in my worst financial situation. And I never said sorry but now I am saying “SORRY DAD”, Sorry for contributing to your financial burdens. Please do give me a little more time to grow & for me to return all the finances that you have favored me, although you weren’t asking me to pay it back but of course, as the eldest son, I would also want to return all the kindness & love that you have given me & my siblings.

                "Thank you for being the “IMPERFECT DAD” because that has allowed me to be closer with you because I knew that I am too, an imperfect Son…" We weren’t the typical Father-Son relationship. Well, we weren’t even the ideal but what I can say about us, is we have this “uniquely exceptional link”. I owe you a lot Dad, I only not owe you my life but my life after that… The plentiful & bountiful lessons that you’ve taught me from your unusual & bizarre military style of discipline type of approach is where I got my bravery, courage & audacity to face any difficulties in life, no matter how extreme it is because I was excellently trained by my Father to surpass these adversities in an effortlessly easy old fashioned way. If I were to have my own Family one day, YOU Dad, would be my inspiration on how I would raise my kids into fine, magnificent & exquisite men & women. Well, you have done it to us, you raised & elevated us into such… Praise GOD for your Life Dad! Happiest Birthday to you Dad! 

                                                                 Lots of Love,

                                                  From the Army of your Life – A.L

 - The Thoughful Son

***This Article is dedicated to the "GREAT" ARMANDO Q. LEYVA. Tatay, I always miss you and I love you so much...

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