Saturday, February 4, 2017

An Ordinary Son's Letter To Her Extraordinary Mother

Dear Mom Cherry,

               If ever I would perform an inventory, record it and put all & every detail into a set of well-filed documents on how you did your job as a Mother & a Wife to the four of us in a span of 32 years. This would be my final evaluation, “That you were just so phenomenal & great on all aspects in your noble role of being a Mother/Wife to the four of us!” From the exact moment that you were giving Birth, you have willingly been taking every single pain & you have been preparing yourself in facing all the known risks, just to give the three of us a chance to experience living in this world, that is just exceptionally remarkable and we are so much indebted to you for that privilege called “Life”… From the time that we were infants, the way you gave your most special & unique care each second you were carrying us, even if your womb were still tender & fresh coming from your status post Caesarian operation, that is just unequaled & unparalleled, Let that scar on your abdomen serve as your unconditional sacrifice for the three of us... From our middle school years, your perseverance & tireless efforts in forcing us to drink our milk & take our multivitamins each & every single night, in making us sleep early so that we would remain to be the healthiest amongst every kid out there, for consistently waking us up at 5 in the morning for the past 20 years, for regularly bringing & fetching us at school, for the unlimited hugs & kisses that you were giving us before we would leave the house & for preparing us the most delicious & superb packed meals, that is just the most sweetest thing that a mother could do for her children… From our teenage years, your momentous guidance & advices on how we should start shaping our own future, your untroubled calmness of trusting us & gradually endowing us our freedom to explore what’s out there in the world, that is just so inimitable and unrivaled of you, that is why we want to say our most earnest thank you for letting us discover our true potentials in life… From our young adult lives, when you & dad could have chosen to live a luxurious lifestyle spending all of your retirement money by yourselves but instead you readily sacrificed all of your savings just to put the three of us in medical school, you solemnly cried together with us while we were facing our most dreaded pains & disappointments, you cheerfully celebrated with us in our pinnacle of victories, you easily became selfless when you surrendered your time for yourself just to be with us in Baguio, watching & providing for our daily needs even if you don’t need to because we were already grown-ups but still, you eagerly chose to take care of us, that is just extremely impressive & astonishing considering your unlimited amount of love for us… I could still very well remember when you were the first one who cried for me when I was dealing with the hardest blow of my life. And you were so ecstatically anxious because you can’t stand seeing me endure those bottomless tortures that I’m going through in my life and you were desperately crying & suffering because you can’t do anything to ease & alleviate your son’s distressed pain. But instead you went with me to the church, you prayed together with me in the church, you actively involved yourself with me in joining several of God’s ministries in the church & you wholeheartedly acted as my indestructible rock. Mom, I think I never said thank you for that but now I am telling you “THANK YOU…” And now that we are facing our adulthood years, there is only one request that the four of us would like to ask of you and that is “Please, don’t ever ever ever change…” I still need you to walk me down the aisle in order for you to finally meet your new daughter and I would love to witness that very day when you’d be taking care of your grandchildren, just the way you have taken care of me, I’d want them to have that piece of experience that I’ve had when you were caressing me. "You might not be the most perfect or ideal mother out there but you are by far “OUR MOTHER” and that attribute alone is enough for us because we truly love & accept you for just you…" Be strong Ma, Be patient with us… We may not also be the perfect or ideal children that a mother would desire but if there’s one certain thing that the four of us could guarantee you, is that we are not going anywhere. Ma, just give us a little more time to grow so that we would have that opportunity & chance to fulfill our promise to you, that we’d be the ones taking tremendous care of you… Thank you for the unconditional love, care, concern & patience that you are giving us, NO ONE COULD EVER SACRIFICE OR DO SO MUCH THAN WHAT YOU HAVE DONE FOR US IN OUR ENTIRE LIVES … Thank you for giving us our greatest inheritance and that is you raising us up in front of our Creator’s eyes, nothing could ever replace that treasure in our hearts… Happiest Birthday to you Ma! 

                                                                Lots of Love, 
                                                  From the Army of your Life – A.L

 - The Thoughful Son

***This Article is dedicated to the "GREAT" ARMANDO Q. LEYVA. Tatay, I always miss you and I love you so much...

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