Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Do you want Extreme Fun, Excitement and to have the best adventure of your life just like HAPPY LONER TRAVELLER? Then this is your chance to have that dream! As an opening for my 2nd Series of Blogs and In line with my advocacy which is promoting Philippine Tourism and giving Job opportunities to our fellow Filipinos to eradicate poverty and allow them to have the gift of education in valuing and protecting our Mother Earth. I am creating a contest in which you will have the chance to WIN a Pampering, Relaxing, FREE and ALL EXPENSE PAID 3 Days and 2 Nights trip in any of your desired Philippine Destination on your preferred date!!! This is my Thank You Gift to the Supporters and Readers of my BlogSite ARMIEYUSON.BLOGSPOT.COM for having its SUCCESSFUL 1ST YEAR ANNIVERSARY this coming DECEMBER 12, 2010!!! The Mechanics, Conditions and Prizes will be listed below…

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1.       You must Visit My BlogSite ARMIEYUSON.BLOGSPOT.COM
2.       I will post a sentence which can be found on one of my 36 articles in my BlogSite.
3.       Locate that sentence and text me the title of the article from where the sentence is found.
4.       Text (Title of the article) (Complete Name) to 09277272786.
5.       Your name will only have one entry for the Raffle that will be held on December 8, 2010 at 11:59 PM.
6.       Announcement of the winner will be on December 9, 2010.
7.        The Question will be posted below this article.


1.       Contestant should be of Filipino Citizen.
2.       Contestant should be 18 years old and above.
3.       Contestant should be perfectly well and healthy.
4.       Prize is not convertible into Cash.
5.       You should give 3 of your best pictures in the vacation that you have won as proof of this contest.


1.       Roundtrip Airfare
2.       Roundtrip Airport Transfers
3.       Hotel Accommodation
4.       Full 3 Days and 2 Nights Activities
5.       Full Board meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
6.       24/7 Personal Tour Guide

Contest Question: ***Please Read The Question Carefully
Which Title of the Article can these sentences be found “I'm just an ordinary person dreaming and trying to make the impossible extraordinary things that one can achieve in his lifetime... And still, I enjoy the beauty that life can offer in every second of my life...

Text (Title of the article) (Complete Name) to 09277272786.

Let The Contest Begin!!! Read Read Read ARMIEYUSON.BLOGSPOT.COM!!! :-)

- Happy Loner Traveller

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Traveller’s Towering Adventure (My Return To The Queen City Of The South)

          My main purpose as to why I came back to CEBU CITY is to experience the newest, latest and most visited extreme tourist spot that the Queen City of the South has to offer… And that is SKY EXPERIENCE ADVENTURE, which is the WORLD’S FIRST AND ONLY by CROWNE REGENCY HOTEL & TOWERS, standing 40 stories high making it the tallest hotel tower in the Country, located at the Heart of Cebu City in the Philippines.

          For only 800 Philippine Pesos, You would experience a whole day package of a 400 feet high SKYWALK EXTREME, which is a walk on a path around the 37th level outer-rim. EDGE COASTER, which is around the 38th level outer-rim. 4D EXPERIENCE, with 3 varieties of movies to choose from. SKY OBSERVATORY, where you can witness the freedom of the heavenly bodies to incandesce its elegance at such a bewitching night. And the finest part of it all is the SKY BUFFET dinner of International Dishes from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM accompanied by soothing music by the local band located in the 36th level, which is a romantic and dream-like 180 degrees glass-covered view of the spectacular City of Cebu.

          I also had my side trips. Of course! It’s very impossible that there’s no Sun, Sea and Sand in my Itinerary. That wouldn’t be a Fun Vacation for a Beach Bum like me! So I had an overnight stay at TAMBULI RESORT in MACTAN ISLAND located at LAPU-LAPU CITY where they had elegant pools and a breezy white powdery sandy beachfront.

          At Cebu City, I stayed at this perfectly new 5 story accommodation called CEBU R HOTEL, which I strongly recommend because of its low-cost, dirt-free, sanitary, polished and tidy rooms. As well as, very helpful staffs that I had a chat with at their lobby while recalling the terrific events of SKY EXPERIENCE ADVENTURE…

         Cebu is also a neighborhood rich in different kinds of foods. So I tried their popular restaurants like the PORT SEAFOOD restaurant where they served buffet from lunch to dinner. Also at GOLDEN COWRIE and NEO-NEO GRILL HOUSE where delicious Seafoods are digested.

         Of course! Another thing that you should never miss while in Cebu is their “WORLD FAMOUS CEBU LECHON” at C&T Stalls found in Ayala Center and SM Cebu malls.

         Overall, it was one of my most memorable and unforgettable vacations that totally relieved me and eliminated the stress that I have been carrying for the past weeks. Definitely, I would come back to try SKY EXPERIENCE ADVENTURE again coz’ once you’re on the top and edge of the highest hotel tower in the country overlooking a 400 feet high City view, you would just forget all of your problems and feel that you are the toughest human in the world for conquering an episode such as that…

- Happy Loner Traveller

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Good Samaritan In Me

                Isn’t it amazing to see that an ordinary man’s pure heart could be so powerful in saving our world from violent and ruinous forces? That one man’s dream could turn the entire EARTH into a serene, enjoyable and unpolluted place to live in. That all of us has the capacity to be this superhero that our dying world needs. We could be role models and ideal examples for everyone especially the youth. And if we all have this same heart and dream to revive our failing world, then everyone will have a better and brighter place to call HOME…

                I want to share 4 of my own experiences where it brought out the Selfless and Good Samaritan in me… First, was when I saw a Bank Check on the floor of the University grounds amounting to 30,000 Philippine Pesos that I can en-cash anytime in the Bank but instead it worried me that the student who lost it might have no tuition to pay for the next semester, this might force her to stop studying in college and it will destroy her dreams for her future and could also affect her family who are depending on her. So I did all that I can to find this girl who lost the check and thankfully I found her and asked her some essential questions to prove that the check was hers. So I returned the check and she was very grateful. The Second scenario also happened in the university, when I saw a phone on the floor which is the latest version in the market at that time so it might cost around 25,000 to 30,000 Philippine Pesos. So again, I searched for the owner until I returned the phone to him, he was very appreciative for what I did because his mother was worried sick that she can’t contact her son. That was the time when landslides were occurring in Baguio due to heavy rainfall. The third situation was when I have withdrawn only 500 Philippine Pesos from the ATM Machine but instead 4,000 Philippine Pesos worth came out from the machine so I was shocked, urgently I went to the Bank and returned the extra money right away, the company praised and awarded me for my honesty. The last thing I did for my fellow Filipinos was I tried to collect and donate all that I can find to a relief organization that provides help to those affected by disasters.

                So in my own little way, whether it will create a small or big impact would have made a difference in trying to change the world and making it into what you can call HOME that is full of love and sharing. We don’t need to expect anything in return if we did something kind and good to others. By helping others itself and realizing that we have that potential in us is already a marvelous gift given by our GOD…

- Soul Writer 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Ultimate Filipino Traveller (The Philippine Travel Photos Edition)

               It all started when I want to go to Boracay but no one is available to accompany me because all the people including my family and friends were too busy in their own lives. It was my ultimate dream here in the Philippines to visit Boracay, so I told myself that even if I’m alone, I’ll enjoy Boracay to the fullest. So I began travelling alone on October of 2006, the first two places that I went to was Boracay and Bohol and from there, the name “HAPPY LONER TRAVELLER” was born…

                When I was learning gradually about my Country’s history, culture, traditions and my fellow Filipino’s lives, it became so addictive for me that I realized, I want to discover and explore more of the Philippines, that I want to learn more of the hidden mysteries and magnificence offered by my own Country because I was just so fascinated and intrigued by it. From there, I developed these idea and advocacy that I want to visit the places that are not yet popular and undiscovered so that I could help promote Philippine tourism, so that people from foreign lands would see how captivating and fruitful our Country is and they would plan a vacation to visit the Philippines thus, creating and increasing more jobs for our fellow Filipinos.

                 So I promoted the Philippines through my love of writing… I started making blogs as “HAPPY LONER TRAVELLER”, exploring places not universally known to man and yet journeying alone to these best kept secrets… Beautiful opportunities have blossomed from my hobby of writing blogs, it became one of my sources of living. I have won awards from different contests, been recognized from several magazines & websites and have been sponsored & given gifts from various airlines, hotel & resort owners. But for me, primarily, writing is still an art and advocacy of which I could make my own difference in this world and lifetime by sharing my utmost thoughts in trying to change our world from extreme poverty & tremendous destructions into a fresh, sanitary, rich and peaceful earth…

                I have been a Traveller of the Philippines for 4 years now and I have already turned myself into a Professional Travel Blogger and I won’t stop with my advocacy until all Filipinos and foreigners will learn how to appreciate, love, protect, cherish, maintain and treat the natural beauties of our Country, as well as the entire EARTH as a place of haven and sanctuary… And I won’t stop tracking down and uncovering more of the unseen natural gems in the Philippines and opening them up to the whole globe…

                Thank you to the owners and creators LAR DE LOS REYES and LIZZA of PHILIPPINE TRAVEL PHOTOS for featuring me in their website. It’s such an honor for me to be a part in promoting our beloved PHILIPPINES!!!


- Happy Loner Traveller

Friday, October 8, 2010

My Special BIRTHDAY Thanks (A Look Back To An “Out Of The Ordinary” Existence)

                It’s October 9, 2010 and I’m 26 years old… The only thing I want to do in my special day is to be thankful to all the people who have been a part of my past and present years. And my only prayer is for them to know how grateful and appreciative I am, that they have been an essential ingredient in my simple yet blissful life. They will always be remembered by me… So I took a rewind of my time and saw all the people that have greatly influenced me…   

                First, I want to thank our God the Creator for giving me a decorated life… Second, My Family, from my Grandparents, Dad, Mom, my 2 Siblings, Cousins, Aunts and Uncles… Third, I want to thank my “Barkada” for letting me feel and believe that True Great Friends can last 22 years of comradeship and these people are Rachel Villahermosa, Viele De Guzman, Jacquelyn Jimenez, Jascy Mondok, Aillene Umangay, Miya Diokno, Jessamyn Camacho, Jobie Doria, Christine Sy, Perla Marano, Mariecar Magat, Aurora Del Mundo, Daphne Malicdem, Jill Subido, Michelle Mamaradlo, Czarina Villanueva, Jihan Pagdanganan, Carmel Evangelista, Al Grace Merong, Jennylyn Tamayo, Jennylyn Garcia, Diana Marcellano, Koschella Moreno, Lourdes Estrada, Christine Seridon, Donnalyn Tan, Tanya Ocampo, Regina Ferrer, Zenia, Rowena Sison, Karlo Casillan, Anghel Baniqued, Orlando Serrano, BG Patino, Aaron De Vera, Ralph Samson, Claudius Velasquez, Christian Soriano, James Cayabyab, Mark Padlan, Jonald Ballesteros, John-ray Leano, Warlito Versoza, Ryan Roque, Kristoffer Espinoza and the members of SYMAC namely Herman Soriano, Marlon Magali, Lemuel Arenas and Cris Caybayab.

                I also would like to thank my Pharmacy Colleagues namely Jojette Agustin, Malou Santos, Kat Elias, Sheng Padlan, Joanne Tagorda, Queng Salvador, Joan Rabacal, Ochie Beltran, Karen Sy, Vanessa Pacson, Charissa Dysangco, Jing Poyaoan, Ervin Orpiano, Marichu Rosario, Milhyacinth Quitlong, Mary Lim, Fely Mones, Aiza Gamboa, Mycah Magcamit, Kitz, Joyce Samson, Karen Calatrava, Mabelle Gacayan, Maricar Sulang, Veronica Casuga, Michelle Fajardo, Jed Sibal, Jeff Tamondong, Emily Caronan, Jeena, Joyce, Katrina Corpuz, April Ang, Christa Guiang, Contessa Balnao, Karenne Somera, Micai Panganiban and Marlon Bay-an. And to my Co-Natsci and Co-Louisians namely Faize Licdan, Niro, Jefy Jovero, Mia Guansing, Zion Zabala, Loyd Wallace, April Josol, Reviley Lamsen, Rhyan Tremor, Ahmir Buen, Irish Bajala, Arnel Manoloto, Edessah Sanchez and Raychelle Yang. To my compound mates Shai Cortez, Mags Paquibot, Janet Paquibot, Lea Paquibot, Luzvi Paquibot, RJ Villafana, Mycah Galulo, Jojo Toledano, Jojo, RD, Grace, Bert Abellera, Niegel Abellera, Misty Jordan, Kristine Chua and April Dayrit.

                Another group of people I am thankful for are my Medical Colleagues who are Josephine Gonzaga, Cynthia Mendoza, Chester Pelwigan, Arnolfo Tomas, Khecy Manuel, Macky Tiu, Irish Tangco, Roselle Sanchez, Ryan Cayabyab, Chutima Chotiprassidhi, Zaheer Din, Tomas Antonio, Ember Rabanal, Jomay Mandapat, Malou Macaraeg, Daryl Sudasena, Ice Agustin, Jaymoore Suyan, Paulito Mandia, Tom Acosta, Sister Gertrude, Franz Rasay, Margot Schlaaf, Jennifer Winter, Diana Mange, Paolo Igama, Aprylle Fernandez, Karla Abaya, Karla Morden, Kaka Balmilero, Macon Vitamog, Jeff Fernandez, Winston Fernandez, Aze Diwas, Joyce Cortez, Jelna Luzadas, Reda So, Vanessa Bayon, Jill Salazar, Carol Villanueva, Ivy Tangco, Gerik Flor, Vega Castor, Carina Felix, Gia Vera,  Aiza Co, Ryan Yanes, Mary Orteza, Jimmy Rosales, Carl Leochico, Joshua Gaboy, Jomar Javier, Rodel Tan, Christalyn Masa-ao, Rodel Banggiacan, Elmer Fabito, Jerrie Quintos, Karol Camonayan, Graciela Badua, Joyce Dela Cruz, Asha Varghese and Precious Balansay.

                My Mother Goose friends Fatima Salazar, Karlo Soriano, Athena Siman, Generose, Diowella, Justin Tiu, Rebecca Erfe and Rose Dizon. My GenDrug Co-interns Odette Mariano, Sherylin Lim, Julie Mercado, Anne Pascua, Paula Guy, Kristine Enrile and Eireen Atutubo. Our House Staff Raul Austria, Lynlyn, Rose, Jecky, Judith. Our Family friends Dr. Reynaldo Neri, Dr. Nitoy Casillan and Ara Casillan. To My Churchmates Carmelita Dagaraga, Joy Annonuevo, Grace Benin, Camille Romero, Wennie Velasco, Diane Arenas, Eiver Obispo, Erich Obispo and Mark Resurreccion. To my old friends Merycris Revita, Precious Buan, Madelyn Dizon and Rebeliza Mangahas.

                My Mentors Jun Cabangon, Ghie Antonio, Eva Pascual, Ana Fe Revilla, Lily Aglubat, Mark Langit, Lester Sotelo, Wilfred Antonio, Nay Maximo, Dr. Leo Bunag, Dr. John Domantay, Dr. Ayochok, Dr. Tan Yee, Dr. Efren Balanag, Doc Tolenz, Dr. Peralta and Dr. Liban.

                To my friends in the Entertainment Business namely Mitzie Regala and Daddy Wowie Roxas for opening the doors for me, Norma Alvero, Len Alvero, Ramon Bravante, Michelle Ting, Viktor Dela Cruz, Nanan Villalba, Mycke Arcano, Dense Modesto, Hiyasmin Neri, Direk Toto Natividad and Sam Pinto.

                To my new friends that I’m hoping would last… Judith Fianza, Krystel Ocampo, Alexia Velasquez, Jhen Arenas, Rhen Macapagal, Shily Cardenas, April Lagman, Gene Velasquez, Heather Ocampo, Aprilyn Esposo, Vic Asuncion, Bongga Datiles, Vess Gonzales, April Asingan, Danice Tejero, Ivy Uy, Zerah Madrigal, Kerzie Mones, Angel Chiu, Nei Padlan, Marissa Marcial, Zyron Marcial, Zyrel Marcial, Patrick Marcial, Maricar Capinpin, Marilyn Capinpin, Mavelyn Capinpin, Gye Nacionales, Lalaine Larga, Anne Lazatin, Anne Simbulan, Mark Dela Rosa, Chito, Criselle Gatmaitan, Mary Carvil Diate, Lau Rice, Sarah Cepe, Joni Mandap, Khym Villagracia, Lei Barcelona, Khathryn Del Rosario, Shandy Lim, David Santos, Lorraine Garcia and Kathy Uy. And last but not the least, I would like to thank those people whom I met while travelling and exploring the Philippines, for taking good care of my vacations and these are Eugene Palmes, Joan Luneta, Teresa Agpalsa, Eranio Decena, John Araneta, Saira Tungol, Karl Baybay and Desiree Ancheta.

                To those whose names were not here, I’m very sorry, I can’t write everyone or else it would take a lifetime to note down every person… But ALL of YOU are a huge part of ME so I would like to end this by saying my final thoughts… Let us do our best to value and give worth to each other, even if it’s a small gesture of appreciation or love, you never know how significant that is to a friend who really needs it…


- Your Reliable Comrade