Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Ultimate Filipino Traveller (The Philippine Travel Photos Edition)

               It all started when I want to go to Boracay but no one is available to accompany me because all the people including my family and friends were too busy in their own lives. It was my ultimate dream here in the Philippines to visit Boracay, so I told myself that even if I’m alone, I’ll enjoy Boracay to the fullest. So I began travelling alone on October of 2006, the first two places that I went to was Boracay and Bohol and from there, the name “HAPPY LONER TRAVELLER” was born…

                When I was learning gradually about my Country’s history, culture, traditions and my fellow Filipino’s lives, it became so addictive for me that I realized, I want to discover and explore more of the Philippines, that I want to learn more of the hidden mysteries and magnificence offered by my own Country because I was just so fascinated and intrigued by it. From there, I developed these idea and advocacy that I want to visit the places that are not yet popular and undiscovered so that I could help promote Philippine tourism, so that people from foreign lands would see how captivating and fruitful our Country is and they would plan a vacation to visit the Philippines thus, creating and increasing more jobs for our fellow Filipinos.

                 So I promoted the Philippines through my love of writing… I started making blogs as “HAPPY LONER TRAVELLER”, exploring places not universally known to man and yet journeying alone to these best kept secrets… Beautiful opportunities have blossomed from my hobby of writing blogs, it became one of my sources of living. I have won awards from different contests, been recognized from several magazines & websites and have been sponsored & given gifts from various airlines, hotel & resort owners. But for me, primarily, writing is still an art and advocacy of which I could make my own difference in this world and lifetime by sharing my utmost thoughts in trying to change our world from extreme poverty & tremendous destructions into a fresh, sanitary, rich and peaceful earth…

                I have been a Traveller of the Philippines for 4 years now and I have already turned myself into a Professional Travel Blogger and I won’t stop with my advocacy until all Filipinos and foreigners will learn how to appreciate, love, protect, cherish, maintain and treat the natural beauties of our Country, as well as the entire EARTH as a place of haven and sanctuary… And I won’t stop tracking down and uncovering more of the unseen natural gems in the Philippines and opening them up to the whole globe…

                Thank you to the owners and creators LAR DE LOS REYES and LIZZA of PHILIPPINE TRAVEL PHOTOS for featuring me in their website. It’s such an honor for me to be a part in promoting our beloved PHILIPPINES!!!


- Happy Loner Traveller

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