Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Good Samaritan In Me

                Isn’t it amazing to see that an ordinary man’s pure heart could be so powerful in saving our world from violent and ruinous forces? That one man’s dream could turn the entire EARTH into a serene, enjoyable and unpolluted place to live in. That all of us has the capacity to be this superhero that our dying world needs. We could be role models and ideal examples for everyone especially the youth. And if we all have this same heart and dream to revive our failing world, then everyone will have a better and brighter place to call HOME…

                I want to share 4 of my own experiences where it brought out the Selfless and Good Samaritan in me… First, was when I saw a Bank Check on the floor of the University grounds amounting to 30,000 Philippine Pesos that I can en-cash anytime in the Bank but instead it worried me that the student who lost it might have no tuition to pay for the next semester, this might force her to stop studying in college and it will destroy her dreams for her future and could also affect her family who are depending on her. So I did all that I can to find this girl who lost the check and thankfully I found her and asked her some essential questions to prove that the check was hers. So I returned the check and she was very grateful. The Second scenario also happened in the university, when I saw a phone on the floor which is the latest version in the market at that time so it might cost around 25,000 to 30,000 Philippine Pesos. So again, I searched for the owner until I returned the phone to him, he was very appreciative for what I did because his mother was worried sick that she can’t contact her son. That was the time when landslides were occurring in Baguio due to heavy rainfall. The third situation was when I have withdrawn only 500 Philippine Pesos from the ATM Machine but instead 4,000 Philippine Pesos worth came out from the machine so I was shocked, urgently I went to the Bank and returned the extra money right away, the company praised and awarded me for my honesty. The last thing I did for my fellow Filipinos was I tried to collect and donate all that I can find to a relief organization that provides help to those affected by disasters.

                So in my own little way, whether it will create a small or big impact would have made a difference in trying to change the world and making it into what you can call HOME that is full of love and sharing. We don’t need to expect anything in return if we did something kind and good to others. By helping others itself and realizing that we have that potential in us is already a marvelous gift given by our GOD…

- Soul Writer 


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