Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Traveller’s Towering Adventure (My Return To The Queen City Of The South)

          My main purpose as to why I came back to CEBU CITY is to experience the newest, latest and most visited extreme tourist spot that the Queen City of the South has to offer… And that is SKY EXPERIENCE ADVENTURE, which is the WORLD’S FIRST AND ONLY by CROWNE REGENCY HOTEL & TOWERS, standing 40 stories high making it the tallest hotel tower in the Country, located at the Heart of Cebu City in the Philippines.

          For only 800 Philippine Pesos, You would experience a whole day package of a 400 feet high SKYWALK EXTREME, which is a walk on a path around the 37th level outer-rim. EDGE COASTER, which is around the 38th level outer-rim. 4D EXPERIENCE, with 3 varieties of movies to choose from. SKY OBSERVATORY, where you can witness the freedom of the heavenly bodies to incandesce its elegance at such a bewitching night. And the finest part of it all is the SKY BUFFET dinner of International Dishes from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM accompanied by soothing music by the local band located in the 36th level, which is a romantic and dream-like 180 degrees glass-covered view of the spectacular City of Cebu.

          I also had my side trips. Of course! It’s very impossible that there’s no Sun, Sea and Sand in my Itinerary. That wouldn’t be a Fun Vacation for a Beach Bum like me! So I had an overnight stay at TAMBULI RESORT in MACTAN ISLAND located at LAPU-LAPU CITY where they had elegant pools and a breezy white powdery sandy beachfront.

          At Cebu City, I stayed at this perfectly new 5 story accommodation called CEBU R HOTEL, which I strongly recommend because of its low-cost, dirt-free, sanitary, polished and tidy rooms. As well as, very helpful staffs that I had a chat with at their lobby while recalling the terrific events of SKY EXPERIENCE ADVENTURE…

         Cebu is also a neighborhood rich in different kinds of foods. So I tried their popular restaurants like the PORT SEAFOOD restaurant where they served buffet from lunch to dinner. Also at GOLDEN COWRIE and NEO-NEO GRILL HOUSE where delicious Seafoods are digested.

         Of course! Another thing that you should never miss while in Cebu is their “WORLD FAMOUS CEBU LECHON” at C&T Stalls found in Ayala Center and SM Cebu malls.

         Overall, it was one of my most memorable and unforgettable vacations that totally relieved me and eliminated the stress that I have been carrying for the past weeks. Definitely, I would come back to try SKY EXPERIENCE ADVENTURE again coz’ once you’re on the top and edge of the highest hotel tower in the country overlooking a 400 feet high City view, you would just forget all of your problems and feel that you are the toughest human in the world for conquering an episode such as that…

- Happy Loner Traveller


  1. wow! glad I've visited your site. I envy those who can travel alone like you. I'll try that next year. Thanks to this nice post. enjoyed your Siquijor entry! You may want to visit mine too if you have time. hihihi!

  2. Hi Kura, Thank you so mcuh for your wonderful comment, Really Appreciate it... and Thank you too for enjoying my other posts like Siquijor, hope you'll be there to support my future posts... :-)

  3. sure! i'll be visiting your site often. already added you on my blog roll if you don't mind =)

  4. Of course I won't mind, I'll even say Thank you for placing me in your Blogroll!!! :-)


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