Monday, August 8, 2016


            After our pitiable Jail Indigents, we head up to our next project, the 50 Malnourished Children from Bolasi, San Fabian, Pangasinan. Aside from the regular Gift Giving, Medical Missions, Feeding Programs, Games & Prizes, THE ARMANDO Q. LEYVA PROJECT also prioritizes education for the youth. When my Grandfather, the “GREAT” ARMANDO Q. LEYVA was still alive, one of his encouragements and advices to the Parents & Children was to value a diploma and a Bachelor’s Degree. He still faithfully believes that having an education will bring you far, even beyond from what you could ever imagine your life would turn into. One of this is, it would help you easily & especially on decision making because your mind has been trained to make a decision maturely. So believe me when I say that education won’t fail you & your dreams for the future. You would still need the basic foundation & tools of learning before you go out in the streets and learn from fighting the hardships of reality.

            And because one of my Grandfather’s burden was to help the Gospel of Christ Fellowship Pastor’s Children in their tuition fees, he decided to build up a school. So in the year of our Lord 2000, the Gospel of Christ Montessori School was founded. Its main purpose was to help the GCF Pastor’s Children have their free education. But on the other hand, throughout most of his life, my Grandfather has already been doing this for over the past 5 decades, eversince the time that he allowed himself to be used by our Creator, he already had countless of scholars... So when he went back with our Lord in Heaven, he left that heavy lumber to be carried by his Children & Grandchildren, a profound load saddled right into the heart to continue being used in helping to give free education to those who need it the most. But that is how great our GOD is, for in his right time, every purpose shall begin to reveal itself as long as you fervently pray & have great patience. With God’s will & promise, he allowed me & Mr. Denton Caballero to cross paths because Mr. Denton & his co-teachers are passionate educators who have this groundwork called “LITERACY BY THE SEA”. It is a project wherein free education was given to these out of school Children by literally reaching them into their secluded & distantly remote homes. They are teaching these kids depending on their mental capacity and this is regularly done during the weekends. When Mr. Denton brought me this cause, right away I said “THE ARMANDO Q. LEYVA PROJECT will support the “LITERACY BY THE SEA” Project”.

            So on December 5, 2015, THE ARMANDO Q. LEYVA PROJECT went to the far-flung Bolasi, San Fabian to visit our 50 Malnourished Children. We have shared to these little ones on how our God loves them so much, that he has sent numerous & various groups of people just to show them that they matter in his world. It was a very pleasing & heartwarming event because the innocence of these kids would just rub on you. It will just melt your heart knowing that you have been chosen by God as an essential witness to these young one’s first ever experience in this one of a kind occasion. Their earnest smiles & annoyingly insisting but adorable charming faces had left my heart with a priceless & permanent smile.

            This project has been so successful because our God has used people like Mr. Denton Caballero & his co-teachers, who still care about these destitute & impoverished Children. For without them, who else would teach these Children about LOVE? So Praise our Creator for passionate individuals like them. And one of the main lessons that we have learned from this experience is, “You don’t have to spend big to bring help & love to your neighbors”, there are many forms and ways to help them from their current situation, what’s important is they would feel your indisputable heart for them…

            The ARMANDO Q. LEYVA PROJECT (PART 6) would like to thank Bishop Windsor Cabrera, Pastor Thess Cabrera, Pastor Oscar Joaquin, Brother Ramil De Los Reyes, Ms. Magdalena Erfe, Ms. Gladys Partible and the “LITERACY BY THE SEA” Teachers headed by Mr. Denton Caballero. May our GOD do wonderful favors to your heart’s desires…

            Proverbs 11:25 said “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.”

 - Soul Writer

***This Article is dedicated to the "GREAT" ARMANDO Q. LEYVA. Tatay, I always miss you and I love you so much...

Thursday, August 4, 2016


            After giving back to God’s Workers on our Project IV, we head back to our 3 original focus groups. THE ARMANDO Q. LEYVA PROJECT will begin with our Indigents. Pastor Oscar Joaquin & Brother Ramil De Los Reyes of the GOSPEL OF CHRIST FELLOWSHIP BAGUIO came to me and asked for help in their first ever major Church endeavor which is the “SALVATION OF SOULS”, and it has targeted these 136 Prison Indigents of Baguio City Jail.

            These Prison Indigents that I’m referring to are the inmates who never had any visitors inside the jail while serving their entire sentence. So they really receive nothing, in terms of gifts such as hygiene kit, shirts or any food that they can eat inside while locked away in these heavily guarded walls. Some of them have already aged & grew old because they were serving life or double life. Some were forgotten & neglected by their own blood. They were considered as troubled outcasts of society. But I never saw them that way and personally, for me? These are the People that we should tap in sharing God’s words because for them, they have already built this belief in their mind that GOD had abandoned them a long time ago, which is inevitably untrue. And also, these are the human beings that we should share our love to and give our attention & concerns coz’ there is nothing more depressing than having that feeling of bleakness & misery within one’s self just because hopelessness had already consumed one’s own soul. That is why, when Pastor Oscar Joaquin & Brother Ramil De Los Reyes told me about GCF Baguio’s Project, without a single hesitation, I corresponded with conviction and shouted “YES”! Because I firmly & sturdily believe that these are the souls that we should prioritize in bringing closer to our Creator.

            So Praise GOD! On November 30, 2015, the project had pushed through and THE ARMANDO Q. LEYVA PROJECT was one of the Major Sponsors aside from my Mentor when I was still studying in Medicine, DR. ISRAEL YASAY, who is a true Man of God and of whom I admire & aspire to become with if ever I develop into a Consultant Doctor in the future. I’ve assisted him numerous of times before in his operations and undeniably, he puts GOD first in everything that he does in his career & family, a truly remarkable Christian.

            On the day of the event, I literally have witnessed these 136 Prison Indigents’ excitement because someone has remembered to visit them. Someone saw what they have been through inside the jail & gave value to them which really means a lot for them and you could tell this by the look on their faces. They were also enthused in receiving gifts this coming Christmas coz’ that is the true reason on why we are celebrating it after all. And after the heartfelt & inspiring life testimony of Pastor Eladio Javier, I saw the most important piece of the event and that is, majority of them, of about 80 indigents accepted GOD in their lives. I just purely & plainly fell into tears to what I have just witnessed. It is such a powerful & moving manifestation that you really could feel the Holy Spirit touch everyone in that function hall that Godly day…

            "In the end, the most significant gift that we have given them weren’t the material presents but the souvenir of God’s Words… Coz’ they will use that permanently throughout their entire lives, whether they remain serving inside or would go out of this fortified walls. And the one sure thing is, it would never ran out of stock." One lesson that we could pick up in this compelling experience is… “GOD uses numerous of vessels just to reach one soul, and yes! That is how important one soul is to our GOD. He just wanted to remind each one of us, that he will always love & never leave his children, even if at times, we have thought so. We are just blinded by the World to see, that at what we thought GOD had left us, is the opposite, we have been the ones who stayed away from him.”

            The ARMANDO Q. LEYVA PROJECT (PART 5) would like to thank Pastor Oscar Joaquin, Pastor Eladio Javier, Brother Ramil De Los Reyes, Dr. Israel Yasay and the Workers of GCF (Gospel of Christ Fellowship) Church Baguio. May our GOD do wonderful favors to your heart’s desires…

            Luke 10:27 said “Love the Lord your GOD with all your heart & with all your sould & with all your strength & with all your mind; and love your neighbor as yourself.”

 - Soul Writer

***This Article is dedicated to the "GREAT" ARMANDO Q. LEYVA. Tatay, I always miss you and I love you so much...