Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Let Me Be Your Prince

        To My future Princess who will give me her whole self through her unending trust and undying love… I ask respectfully and politely, if you could let me be your Prince who will truly admire, adore and devote my entire soul to? Who will allow me to protect, defend and battle from any obstacles that will come our way…

        Let me be your superhero who will guard, shield and save you from adversaries and antagonists… Let me be that certain genuine man who will truly cherish and take good care of you the way no one else will ever be able to do… For you, I will not only be loyal but faithful… Allow me to become both of your perfect and right guy… Even if the whole world leaves you, I will always just be here to appreciate, understand, be patient and make you endlessly happy... Let me be that real unique extraordinary rare man who will be honored and fortunate of having been chosen by God to take great care of your fragile passionate heart… These words are not promises because they are always meant to be broken but instead these are my commitments to you because I’m intentionally letting you know that you would never ever regret sharing your life with me…

        So to You my Future Princess, whoever You may be, I would release these words of assurance that I will always remain loyal and faithful in loving You and that I would love you for the rest of My time… So allow me to be your Prince who would bring you in a lifetime of forever…

- Poetic Prince

Why Cora Is The Greatest Grandmother?

        All of us know that a role of a mother is very tough especially in raising great kids but being a grandmother is even more challenging because your family is even bigger and more matured. You already have grandchildren and your children have already their own lives. But still a grandmother tries to bring the whole family together amidst their differences.

        A grandmother is the salt and light of a home where she pours her heart to her loved ones. Where she is the very reason why a family grows devoted and stays committed together. Her children and grandchildren may be away and have their own little family to start with and she may be alone with her husband but still there is that unique solemn bond where whatever may happen, her fruits will still run and return to feel their incomparable mother’s touch.

        Well, I saw that in this remarkable woman in my life. She is the very reason behind the greatness of one man and the very key to the excellence of one family. She has an immense faith to God. She is a great friend and serves not only a mother and grandmother to her family but to others as well. She cooks delicious, mouthwatering cuisines with her vast and enormous passion where she rains boundless emotions. That’s why her dishes are the finest. Her cooking gathers the whole family all together. So now, You all know that my grandmother “CORA” is the greatest in my life…

- The Thoughtful Son

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why Armando Is The Greatest Grandfather?

        Most kids see their grandfather as valiant knights accompanied with a courageous, heroic and noble attributes. They witness their grandfathers with magnificent swords saving them from immensely gigantic dragons. Kids perceive them as their savior from their challenges.

        Well, I would agree to that with a billion percent because of this brilliant and marvelous man in my life. He really had a remarkable fairy tale story of his life where he started as a peasant trying to make his way out of an underprivileged situation then a knight engaging in destructive battles with infinite trials until he reaches the topmost rank of being a dignified king.

        He has one of the biggest hearts that I know in my entire being. He has helped countless unfortunate people. He has achieved incalculable success. And he has done that not for himself but for God.

        The faith of this man to our creator is immeasurable. And another important role of this worthy, honored and esteemed man that triggers his weakness is being a family man. Being the most amorous husband to his stunning wife of 54 years. Being extremely affectionate with his charming children. And being illustriously caring, adoring and loving to his fine grandchildrens.

        What more can he ask for in his life? He has accomplished the triumph that he deserves in his amazingly, breathtaking life… numerous people respect, honor and adore him for his kind, generous and compassionate heart… and to conclude it all, it is so rewarding and delighting to say that my grandfather “ARMANDO” is the greatest in my life…

- The Thoughtful Son

Friday, January 22, 2010

Why Choy Is The Greatest Dad?

        All of the kids have their tough side and they usually get it from their role models and that is their dads. Their dad influences them to be strong and face every obstacle in their life. Kids identify themselves to their dads. It’s like they want to be like them. When you ask them what would they want to be when they grow up. They will answer “I want to be a lawyer, a doctor, a businessman just like my dad.“

        Kids are so proud of their dads that they see them as fearless extraordinary persons. Well, I won’t argue with that because of this phenomenal person in my life. I saw in him how to face life bravely without fear. How to exist with a decent and quiet life without doing harm to others. He is one of the very few hardworking people that I know. He has sacrificed up to the point that he already has no time for himself just to give his three children with the finest education that they deserve. He is also a great friend to others, helping and not leaving them especially in times of troubles. I also saw in him how he loves and cares about my mom that he still does romantic things just to put a smile on my mom’s face after 25 years of marriage…

        So how would I not be proud of that when your dad is like that? So now, I have the right to say that my dad “CHOY” is the greatest in my life…

 - The Thoughtful Son

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why Cherry Is The Greatest Mom?

        Well, all of the kids normally say that their mom is the best and I agree to that because being a mom is the most rewarding feeling a woman could ever have especially when they raised their children to the finest person that they can be. Also, being a mom is one of the hardest jobs in the world because it contains the number one ingredient… Pure love…

        That’s why most of the time children fight because they brag about who’s mother is the best because they can see how their mom does all the hard work and that is raising them. Being a mom is like being a superhero for it is attached with enormous responsibility for they are the very key in starting to mold their child into what they will become in the future.

        I’ve been a witness to this very wonderful woman in my life… she is one of the very few people that I’ve known to possess this boundless gift of a very unique quality and that is… an unselfishly big giving heart… especially to those unfortunate people. She has raised three fine kids packed with a God that they fear, a perceptive mind and a caring human heart. I won’t compete with other kids in who’s mom is the best because it is enough for me to know that my mom “CHERRY” is the greatest in my life…

- The Thoughtful Son