Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Let Me Be Your Prince

        To My future Princess who will give me her whole self through her unending trust and undying love… I ask respectfully and politely, if you could let me be your Prince who will truly admire, adore and devote my entire soul to? Who will allow me to protect, defend and battle from any obstacles that will come our way…

        Let me be your superhero who will guard, shield and save you from adversaries and antagonists… Let me be that certain genuine man who will truly cherish and take good care of you the way no one else will ever be able to do… For you, I will not only be loyal but faithful… Allow me to become both of your perfect and right guy… Even if the whole world leaves you, I will always just be here to appreciate, understand, be patient and make you endlessly happy... Let me be that real unique extraordinary rare man who will be honored and fortunate of having been chosen by God to take great care of your fragile passionate heart… These words are not promises because they are always meant to be broken but instead these are my commitments to you because I’m intentionally letting you know that you would never ever regret sharing your life with me…

        So to You my Future Princess, whoever You may be, I would release these words of assurance that I will always remain loyal and faithful in loving You and that I would love you for the rest of My time… So allow me to be your Prince who would bring you in a lifetime of forever…

- Poetic Prince


  1. baka ako na ang future princess mo! di kaya?=)or nahanap mo na xa?

  2. very well said :)


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