Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Letter From A Prince

To My Princess Who is concerned,

        First of all, I would like to say thank you for everything, for giving me a chance to live my life to the fullest… For allowing me to show my truest and greatest love for you… for filling the empty parts of my life and completing me… thank you for accepting the real me as a whole, for appreciating both of my positive and negative qualities. Thank you for listening, you are the only person that even without saying anything, I still can feel that is truly there for me… Thank you for allowing me to see all the big and small special magical things about you, that separates you from the world, that makes me love you even more because of your uniqueness… I love how you make me feel young when you walk like a kindergarten… I love how you remove my shyness when you get shy too by being conscious and placing your left hand to your left cheek and rubbing them of gently with your head slowly tilting down… makes me love you more when you smile while the wind blows your hair down… I love your voice and the way you talk, It’s the best music my ears have ever heard… You make me love and appreciate you more with all the unintentional things that you are doing… I love how you just want a simple quiet happy life with a man who would make you feel so worthy every day until you grow old… I love that special mark on your left shoulder, it compliments you wonderfully… I love how you make me feel special when you want to go to the church with me to light a candle… There are a lot of things I would like to say on how much I love every part of you but it will take me so many lifetimes of letters to describe how special and everything you are to me…

        I’ve never loved anyone in my 25 years of life the way I love you… You are my greatest love and no one can ever replace you, not only in my heart, but my whole life…

        A lifetime of letters, flowers, balloons and other varieties of gifts wouldn’t be enough to return all the happiness you have given to me… I truly love every bit of you...

        While I’m writing this letter, tears never stop pouring and I know they will never ever stop until the very day that I have always been dreaming will come… I will wait for you even if it takes a lifetime, as long as in the end, you will run into my arms and you will never leave by my side for the rest of your time… If you’re not the one who is walking in the aisle towards me then I’d rather grow old alone… I will let go of you but I will never ever let go of my love for you… Sobrang walang kasing mahal na mahal kita Princess…


                                                           From your waiting Poetic Prince,


  1. true love waits... ;-)

  2. hi, whoever you may be... thank you for your comment and for believing that true love really waits and time would never matter... God bless... ;-)

  3. God's perfect time..You will see her..And when you do, you'll know that she's THE ONE..=)..Then you'll tell yourself,"She's worth it"..

    ..Or maybe you have seen her, but God's just planning for the right time for the two of you to SEE each other in a different light..=)..


  4. i can sense the happiness expressing ur words here amigo...yes its true that true love waits but only to the person who worth to wait...and not with the person who keeps u waiting...why? because if the person really loves u or want u... that person won't says that u need to wait for her...if that person want u in her life? u both can go with life together which is sweeter...not with the separate lives which is that selfish...god has plan every one of us amigo...don't lose hope...always choose unselfish love that leads u total happiness...

  5. Thank you for your beautiful comments... especially to you who calls me amigo, I love your outlook here... Thank you again, God bless! Hope you'll support more of my works... by the way, if it's okay with you, please like my page on facebook, you can see it on the upper right corner of the screen... :-)

  6. very well said :)


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