Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wicker Park


        This movie is definitely in my Top 5 Hall of Fame… It really kept me glued to the whole story from start to finish… If you want a real movie that would show how true great love works? It’s this movie. The twists and suspense are enthralling and exhilarating. It’s a love story that is 2 years in the making. I guarantee that you will be obsessed with the mystery. And you will definitely hate the antagonist so much. This movie is starred by Josh Harnett, Diane Kruger and Rose Byrne, all are familiar faces in popular movies such as National Treasure and Troy. I felt their characters so I could say that they portrayed it beautifully… There are many lessons to learn from this movie besides love. It also shows that even the closest and most trusted people in your life can lie to you and hurt you so don’t trust them so much because they would also want to be in your place and would do everything possible for you to go down and for them to be happy, it’s a selfish human nature and it’s a little bit sad because it’s true in real life… I’ve also learned that no matter how accomplished you are in life and no matter how high you have achieved in your goals, it would be all meaningless without love…

        This movie allows us to see a love story that would surpass all odds… that eventhough, many people would attempt to destroy your love by keeping the two of you apart through deception or by any other means, true great love will always find a way for you and your loved one to be destined together… Their love story wouldn’t be sweet and meaningful if they haven’t gone through the tests of time. This movie is thumbs up for me, it made me cry especially in the end… So I encourage you to give this movie a try, you won’t regret it…

- Trusty Appraiser

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