Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why Cora Is The Greatest Grandmother?

        All of us know that a role of a mother is very tough especially in raising great kids but being a grandmother is even more challenging because your family is even bigger and more matured. You already have grandchildren and your children have already their own lives. But still a grandmother tries to bring the whole family together amidst their differences.

        A grandmother is the salt and light of a home where she pours her heart to her loved ones. Where she is the very reason why a family grows devoted and stays committed together. Her children and grandchildren may be away and have their own little family to start with and she may be alone with her husband but still there is that unique solemn bond where whatever may happen, her fruits will still run and return to feel their incomparable mother’s touch.

        Well, I saw that in this remarkable woman in my life. She is the very reason behind the greatness of one man and the very key to the excellence of one family. She has an immense faith to God. She is a great friend and serves not only a mother and grandmother to her family but to others as well. She cooks delicious, mouthwatering cuisines with her vast and enormous passion where she rains boundless emotions. That’s why her dishes are the finest. Her cooking gathers the whole family all together. So now, You all know that my grandmother “CORA” is the greatest in my life…

- The Thoughtful Son

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