Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why Armando Is The Greatest Grandfather?

        Most kids see their grandfather as valiant knights accompanied with a courageous, heroic and noble attributes. They witness their grandfathers with magnificent swords saving them from immensely gigantic dragons. Kids perceive them as their savior from their challenges.

        Well, I would agree to that with a billion percent because of this brilliant and marvelous man in my life. He really had a remarkable fairy tale story of his life where he started as a peasant trying to make his way out of an underprivileged situation then a knight engaging in destructive battles with infinite trials until he reaches the topmost rank of being a dignified king.

        He has one of the biggest hearts that I know in my entire being. He has helped countless unfortunate people. He has achieved incalculable success. And he has done that not for himself but for God.

        The faith of this man to our creator is immeasurable. And another important role of this worthy, honored and esteemed man that triggers his weakness is being a family man. Being the most amorous husband to his stunning wife of 54 years. Being extremely affectionate with his charming children. And being illustriously caring, adoring and loving to his fine grandchildrens.

        What more can he ask for in his life? He has accomplished the triumph that he deserves in his amazingly, breathtaking life… numerous people respect, honor and adore him for his kind, generous and compassionate heart… and to conclude it all, it is so rewarding and delighting to say that my grandfather “ARMANDO” is the greatest in my life…

- The Thoughtful Son

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