Friday, January 22, 2010

Why Choy Is The Greatest Dad?

        All of the kids have their tough side and they usually get it from their role models and that is their dads. Their dad influences them to be strong and face every obstacle in their life. Kids identify themselves to their dads. It’s like they want to be like them. When you ask them what would they want to be when they grow up. They will answer “I want to be a lawyer, a doctor, a businessman just like my dad.“

        Kids are so proud of their dads that they see them as fearless extraordinary persons. Well, I won’t argue with that because of this phenomenal person in my life. I saw in him how to face life bravely without fear. How to exist with a decent and quiet life without doing harm to others. He is one of the very few hardworking people that I know. He has sacrificed up to the point that he already has no time for himself just to give his three children with the finest education that they deserve. He is also a great friend to others, helping and not leaving them especially in times of troubles. I also saw in him how he loves and cares about my mom that he still does romantic things just to put a smile on my mom’s face after 25 years of marriage…

        So how would I not be proud of that when your dad is like that? So now, I have the right to say that my dad “CHOY” is the greatest in my life…

 - The Thoughtful Son

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