Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Traveller’s Wild Encounter (Zoobic Safari And Ocean Adventure)

                Subic Zambales is a former military naval base of the Americans during World War II but as time ensues, it has been slowly converted into shipping ports, resorts and various tourist attractions.

                My Wildlife Encounter started when I stayed at Camayan Beach Resort which is inside Subic and owned by the same company who owns Ocean Adventure Park. It is a Beachfront resort where you can do kayak. And it’s just a 3 minute walk to Ocean Adventure Park where you can witness performing Dolphins, Sea Lions, and False Killer whales. I also visited ZOOBIC SAFARI, which is a mini-zoo and their main attraction here are Tiger encounters, Yes! You’ve read it right! They will place you inside a secure transportation and you will enter into their natural habitat. It’s a different approach and it is the first here in the Philippines. You can feed them fresh chicken, they can jump on top of the jeep and you can witness and have an idea of their natural killer instincts. It’s different when you see them locked in the cage of the Zoos because what you will experience here is an unusual one. You will be the one who will be placed in a cage and they are the ones who will come near you. It’s an awesome and definitely a must try experience… You can also take pictures with these amazing loveable animals, my favorite is me carrying a 6 month old heavy cub on my lap!!! It’s a photo to cherish for a lifetime!!!

                There is a growing number of new attractions in Subic. We now have the Treetop Adventure, a Zipline experience and the JEST Camp which gives a jungle survival experience with the Aetas. This is good for our country, that our demand for tourism is increasing and I’m happy coz’ it’s going to the direction which my advocacy was created for…

- Happy Loner Traveller


  1. that's another great adventure sir armie.....hoping that i can also travel in that place...pero sana mauna muna ang CORON, PALAWAN.. God bless you always. Stay safe in all your adventures sir ARMIE!!!!!

  2. Your article is very interesting and humorous. From your article, I can see the true meaning of the word happy. This article, I believe many people are helpful.


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