Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Loner Traveller’s 27th Birthday (A Simple Ordinary Guy Who Lived Life Extraordinarily)

              Most of the people think that what I am referring to as an “Extraordinary Life” is a life lived luxuriously, eating pleasurable foods and travelling lavishly in many parts of the Philippines. But they are all wrong… Because what I mean by an “Extraordinary Life” is deeper than what many people think, it is filled with more purpose and meaning, it is a life lived significantly with the discovery of true inner joy and faith formed within oneself… All people has this but only few realize that they have this gift given by our God to influence and change all the people in the world to have a better view about their lives and the world as how they see it… So now, I can finally say that Armie “Happy Loner Traveller” Yuson, a simple ordinary guy has lived his 27 years of existence extraordinarily by using what he has which is his love for writing, photography and video documentary in inspiring and touching people’s lives to make our world a better and wonderful place to live in…

            I have a lot of advocacies in life but these 3 main things sum up all of my passion… The First one is to promote Philippine Tourism, we have wonderful natural resources, one of the best in the world, I would want to promote what we have to the world because I am so proud of my country, the Philippines… The Second one is I help and train people to be tour guides in local places that I visit in order for them to see the possibility of a fantastic work in our tourism industry, thereby allowing the increase of job opportunities and eradicating poverty in the Philippines… The third one is I’m teaching everyone to protect and preserve our mother nature, I am against to those people who try to change the natural architecture of our earth, I am against to those who try to commercialize a fascinating place by building steel structures that would destroy the innate magnificence of a place’s natural wonder...

And another calling of mine is for the past 11 years, every Christmas, I try to help one family who has nothing at all to build their own business, a “Sari-Sari Store” where they could start to make it grow and become their source for bread & butter. I teach them on how to run their business because I realized that if you will just feed them, after that, it’s gone, they will be hungry again. Well as, if you teach them on how to handle their own business, the flow of help would be continuous and they could also pass to others the help you have given them, it also trains them to be more productive rather than letting them wait for another feeding program. Recently, I visited the 11 families that I’ve helped and Thanked God I’m so happy because their business are still existing and it has helped them a lot, their children graduated from high school and even college because of the money that came from the “Sari-Sari Store”.

With the current technology like social networking sites and the arising of new forms of businesses, I also use these tools to my advantage, I created a page named “Filipino Pharmacist”, which in its 2 years, has helped 59 Pharmacist find their jobs that they love and have helped their families as well. Also, with the new business I’m in right now, “VMobile”, It has allowed me to expand my views regarding businesses, that I could help other people by letting them see the opportunity that this business can offer, not only that, I am also helping them maximize their potentials by developing their personalities in a more optimistic and approachable way. And I’m given the chance to help those who want to have their own simple livelihood. Also, opening their connections in gaining more friends…

            And all the greatest gifts that I have received in my entire life are when people come and talk to me and they’re saying that their lives have been changed by my articles, that I have inspired them to live a positive and better one. That they have discovered that there are amazing and astonishing places here in the Philippines that they know nothing about, that whenever they read my articles, see my photos and watch my videos, it’s as if they were also there in that particular place. And that they can also see the goodness of the heart and the depth of passion of the author to his writings. As a writer, it is the best compliment that could ever be given by someone to me coz’ it inspires me more to work harder for greater articles so that I could change more lives that needed encouragement and that I could motivate people to open their mind and heart, that there is a greater purpose for each one of us out there, just waiting to be uncovered…

            So now, on October 9, 2011, a 27 year old simple and ordinary guy has lived an Extraordinary Life… And he may not have contributed that much in trying to change the world, it may be a small personal offering, but the important thing is he started to lit the fire in other’s eyes and one day he believes that this little act will make a big difference in sheltering the values left in us humans and preserving a better world for future generations to live in. And doing something that truly gives a fulfillment in his heart, is more than enough and it is the greatest birthday wish he has ever had… Happy Birthday to ME!!!

- Happy Loner Traveller


  1. Happy Birthday Armie...I was moved by your article. Everything starts in small things so continue doing what you are passionate of because you will soon reap what you sow. May God bless more so that you will continue to be a blessing to other people.

  2. happy birhtday amigo...i was inspiredf by ur blogs...nice to share...i love the passion in ur heart...thanks to my friend armayani shiloamn sharing ur site to me...she said she do not really know u...she see ur page in pexthread a group spreading ur link a 3 weeks ago...and it would sure read to other any part of networld...manila is a nice place...ciao amigo till ur next blog...

  3. Thank you ma'am Maricris... and thank you again to you mr. amigo, hehe! thank you for your wonderful compliments... please do share to your friends too and thank you to your friend armayani, because of her you found my blogs... :-)

  4. Happy birthday po... by the way congrats for being a finalist sa philippine blog awards... =)

  5. Feliz Natal e Feliz Ano Novo! Do fundo do meu coração lhe desejo felicidade e muita sorte no amor. Beijos e gosto muito de você.
    mi amigo ! been a while visit you and i busy. this year is a great on for you. everything will come in your way. you have short travels in different places. and will be suddecsful in everything you will enter to. this year is very positive in your favor. work. family. but your relationship with your princess will put to the test. but never give up for this only the beggining with your life with her. it will make knock you down but have faith you will both get through this. our creator really destined you to her. ignore these people who will come between the two of you. they are the negative vibes people ruin, destruct your great love to each other. they are the no good people exist in relationship to both of you. but at the end they never succeed. because you and your princess have this love that no test that you both cant survive. your faith and love to each other is the strongest weapon against them. this people come to test you both in any aspect of love and trust that can both of you knock down flat. but if two people destined to be togehter by our creator no one can make them apart.
    for your princess in favor to her. she has this magnificient luck she carry in her. that even the people around her will be carried away. she very blessed by our creator because of her big heart that nobody can see but only you.the strong personality she have is very positive too. she is a fighter. a very real and truest person in your life that no matter what happen even you both out of sight sometimes she will always there looking at you. her faith in all aspect of life is literaly amazing. she a princess a real princess in her past life without herself knowing it and until now undiscovered. her future is very bright. she has a great motivation, positive thinking, in her life that nobody can destroy her even the hardest test of life. she is the kind of a woman when she get knock off she stand up again and fight. she always fight what she believe. what she knows what is right, what is for her. she dont allow. nobody will step on her being not just herself but to all the people matter to her. she is your guardian angel. and you are her strenght. about family matter. everything will be going all right. and this time it make you feel complete. your family. your princess are the truest people revolve around you. love them for without them you will get lost what you build. because they are reasons of everything in your life. you cant find them in any other people. for all the people around you except them. will bring you down because of envy because you are the person they cant be. they will ruin everything around you when they see you are above them. they are not real to you. dont get along with their source of negativeness just continue for what you started. at the end of the race you are there with flying colors. raise the flag of success with your family. your princess and proud of yourself. keep them. my friend armayani is a psychic too. she doing job online. i'll let her know. see saw. and i saw your blogsite sharing with this group of people called pexthread samistas(haters don't deal. i'm her to stay.. and i make rules)is the name of the group on line promoting and spreading your blogsite and articles anywhere. thats for new year for mi amigo. ciao for now.

  6. Thank you so much Jason! A blessing from God when I finally got there... and thank you for all the advices amigo, appreciate it... :-)


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