Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Traveller’s Spell-Binding Sanctuary (Haven Of Nature)

                SOHOTON COVE, SOCCORO, BUCAS GRANDE located in the Province of Surigao Del Norte which is a part of the CARAGA Region in Mindanao is a place where the word amazing is an understatement. This place is more than a Paradise, it is “Heaven In The Seas” as I call it…

                It has been converted to an Eco-Tourism Park because of its potential to be one of the greatest natural wonders of the World. Thanks to Dhodo Ajoc, the Tour Operation In-Charge for his warm hospitality. For me, Converting Sohoton into a Marine Protected Sanctuary will have a double effect. It will not only preserve the marine life and ecology but allows an increase in job opportunities of the locals residing in Bucas Grande. The locals will also learn how to take care of their God-Given Natural Treasures and will be able to socialize with their fellow Filipinos and people from foreign lands as well.

                So I started my Bucas Grande exploration by renting a boat, My boatman and local guide is Lito Magalona, Thanks to him for giving me a big discount. So at 5 in the morning, I went to the public market to buy some foods that will be cooked during my visit to Bucas Grande. The boatman and I met at the Boulevard Beach in Siargao where the boat is located and from there, We started our journey…

                As I entered the Ocean boundary of BUCAS GRANDE, Nature already greeted me with a warm welcome, an almost 2 feet long Barracuda jumped from the Ocean in front of the boat where I’m located. It really excited me more that I can’t wait to swim in this staggering Nature’s Haven.

                When I arrived at Bucas Grande’s Sohoton Cove, I was so speechless with its beauty. Literally, there’s no word to describe on how marvelous and wondrous the scenery is… I visited the 2 main attractions of the Sohoton Eco-Tourism Park which is the Snoring Cave and the Diving Cave which lead me to do spelunking up to the other end of the cave and allowed me to jump on a 15 foot high board, another extreme adventure to put on my own record book.

                I stayed at this fabulous Hidden Island Resort in BUCAS GRANDE. I got the largest room for only a cheap price. Definitely, a great place to stay in BUCAS GRANDE.

                I agree with the nature’s call for help, I wouldn’t request anything like development of establishments around the Sohoton Cove as it would allow the possibility of destruction in the Natural Marine Life and Ecology. I would only recommend the preservation and protection of it. That We Humans must also RESPECT the Course of Nature.

                And what’s there to improve when it’s already perfect for being just the way it is… Sometimes, you don’t need to enhance a thing to see its real beauty, just by opening our eyes with admiration and appreciation is already enough to draw our existence with its unquestionable excellence…

- Happy Loner Traveller


  1. Hi!
    Do you travel alone most of the time? You might have visited lots of places here. My partner and I are planning to paint the Philippines red in the first quarter of 2012. I will be happy to be provided by you with list of places, preferably beautiful and with cheap but comfy accommodations around to choose from.

  2. Hi Jovie! I travel alone all of the time... :-) just check my previous articles and you will see all of my recommended places here in the Philippines... I always visit those off the beaten track places... Thanks Jovie! God bless! :-)

  3. This place in Surigao del Norte is not yet well known. Congratulation that you are belong into the first person who visited that place. Thanks for sharing your travel there. You help a lot in promoting beautiful destinations here in the Philippines.

  4. wow, Thank you Medical Tourism... That's how I love my country, I'm so proud of it that's why I'm doing everything to promote it. to help our fellow Filipinos have Jobs... and also for people to be aware that we should love, preserve and protect God's ultimate gift to us which is the beauty of his nature... God bless!!!


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