Sunday, March 6, 2011

42 Days Of January

                Eversince I was 9 years old, I dreamed and prayed for someone like you. But I never expected that God would make it true. Just as all the doors and windows in my heart have already closed, you just came in so swift and easily. I was asking myself, why so fast? The locks didn’t seem to protect me from my guard. Then I realized, you were that one rare and unique person sent by God that has the only keys to unlock my shielded soul. To save me from growing old alone and to let me experience the greatest feeling in the world which is to be truly and intimately inlove…

                We built our own little world together. I’ve never felt so sincerely happy now that you are the keeper of my heart. We are so faithfully inlove with each other. Everything was more than perfect. With no lights, cameras, scripts, co-stars and director, we have created the greatest lovestory together.
                But unexpected and unintentional turns has occurred. Tears suddenly fell down apart, not knowing if it’s the drop of the rainfall or the mist that comes from my weepy eyes. You asked me to let you go and I did because it’s what you wanted but I never did let go of my love for you instead I fought for it because it’s the only thing that keeps me from going on and living life… This is the most painful thing I felt and yet beforehand, I already knew all the risks. But that is True Great Love, continuing and acting blindly while knowing the risks…

                Thank you to the most memorable 42 days of my life. I just wish that those 42 days could’ve been 42 years of togetherness. I hoped that God could’ve given us a lot more of time to spend and create wonderful memories that we will treasure together. So that whenever I am weak, I have our memories to go back to and get my strength from, so that I could continue living life with the same dreams and prayers that I have since I was 9 but this time, it’s for you to come back to me…

                So now that you’re gone, my life has permanently locked its doors and windows to the world of possibilities. And it cannot be opened by anyone else, for you brought the only keys with you. And it’s only you, who could open my heart again… :_(_________________________

- Poetic Prince


  1. Ahhh what can I say? I was really struck by the poetic flow of words ended by eternal deprivation of love and chances. Why? Is this based on your personal experience or you are just so excellent to have your self played the role of the person having such experience? I almost cried don't you know and found myself staring at your picture. I love sizing up person's personality and sometimes by just looking at the picture I can say what kind of person you are. I think you are good person. And do not worry and please do not close the door for love and possibilities. Good people like you deserve to be happy and deserve the sweetest life that even mortals who live in the subway can possibly have.

  2. Thank you so much Jovie for appreciating my Article... all of my articles are based on my personal experiences but I never discussed the full details... I'm a little private about details, haha! but I make sure that my readers will always learn something from my every article... hope you support my future articles and keep coming back to this site... Thank you so much again... God bless!!!

  3. Yes its ok to keep portion of our lives private for secrets are what make us mysterious.And uhmmm don't you know that mysterious people seems to be appealing than bold people? Just keep that ball point rolling and write stories that will bring inspiration and joy to readers like me.I will have this blog shared on fb and twitter.

    More power!

  4. Wow! Thank you so much Jovie for sharing my blogsite on your Fb and twitter... that means a lot po... :-) really super appreciate it... :-) hope you read my other articles from the past and the future ones as well... Thank you again... God bless and goodluck too to your future endeavors!!!


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