Friday, March 25, 2011

A Traveller’s Captivating Hideaway (Niagara Falls Of The Philippines)

                BISLIG CITY, Surigao Del Sur in the Southeastern-most part of Mindanao facing the Pacific Ocean is the home to the most beautiful Tourist Spot in the Whole of Philippines. I have been around the Philippines, from the Northern-most part of Luzon up to the Southern-most part of Mindanao, even to other countries like Hong Kong, Japan, China and USA and I can only say this… That the most astounding, majestic and breath-taking view I have ever seen is found in BISLIG CITY and it is known as the “NIAGARA FALLS OF THE PHILIPPINES”, The TINUY-AN FALLS. For me, this is my Top 1 of the most wonderful spots in the Philippines.

                It’s 55 meters high and 95 meters wide, with a 4-tiered Waterfalls. It may not be the biggest in the World but the thing that separates this from the real Niagara Falls is its Virginity. Its untouched and unspoiled sanctuary of Rainforest that nestles this Falls is unremarkable. Exuding a natural and cool breeze just makes you feel separated from the reality of the urban world. In the early morning, when the light rays of the Sun hits the Falls, a colorful glowing Rainbow will form, it’s as if you’re in a location where Fairy Tale stories are told…

                To get to BISLIG, its gateway is Davao or Butuan, I chose the Davao route. I rode in an Air-Conditioned Express Bus called Bachelor for only 285 Philippine Pesos and the Travel time is a maximum of 6 hours. Just go to Davao Ecoland Bus Terminal. As I was Travelling, you will pass by a heavy rough road that will last for an hour. It’s tiring but the prize is so worth it. Literally, Towering Trees from the Jungle will be viewed as you approach Bislig City. And when I arrived at Bislig City, I stayed at PAPER COUNTRY INN for only 600 Philippine Pesos per night, the most popular hotel in MANGAGOY BISLIG.

                Thank you to the wonderful staff of the Hotel namely Alma Espinosa, Tita Magoncia and Marleen Pongsi for pampering me and cooking sumptuous affordable meals like Seafoods such as steamed 800 gram Crab, grilled Squid, garlic Shrimps and grilled Tanguige all for only 450 Philippine Pesos.

                To go to Tinuy-an Falls, you have to ride a “Habal-Habal” and luckily I found a kind driver who is a local Tour guide as well, his name is Toto Agopitac and he gave me a price for only 550 Philippine Pesos, very cheap. It will take you about an hour to arrive at the Falls. And I met Marlyn, the oldest caretaker there in terms of service, I just told her how the Falls just shut my mouth up with so much amazement. The entrance fee to the Falls is 10 Philippine Pesos, you can also rent cottages for an overnight stay, as well as lifevests and other floating devices.

                The First time I saw Tinuy-an Falls, I was just speechless and I told myself “I was just Captivated by its Power and Majestic Scenery”. From there on, it has been on Top 1 in my list of the most beautiful places in the Philippines…

                I definitely would want to come back to Bislig City a million times, just by being here makes you the closest to nature. I really fell in love with TINUY-AN FALLS, the Largest Falls in the Philippines.

                The best time to go here is during the rainy season in Surigao Del Sur as the volume of Tinuy-an Falls is larger. And when leaving Bislig City, the available Air-Conditioned Express Bus of Bachelor is around 2 A.M and 9 A.M.

                I never thought that we actually have this kind of natural treasure here in the Philippines, it’s as if you are in a different country. This place called Bislig City just took my Breath away…

- Happy Loner Traveller


  1. Hey!

    Dami ko na utang alam ko, di ko pa kasi nbbasa mga past posts mo. But im proud of you man! Keep it up and andito lng kami.

    Goodluck Buddy!


  2. Wow... Thank you so much FitFastandStrong "Bry"... super appreciate it... makes me teary eyed, hehe! pero totoo ha? super thanks sa support niyo guys... Miss you so much Guys! God bless! :-)

  3. Pride of Mindanao. Can be comparable to Tinago Falls in Iligan City. Try also visiting the Tinago Falls, in terms of beauty not in size.:-).

  4. yup, I will visit Iligan's tinago falls soon, it's included in my bucket list, thank you for appreciating my blogs... :-)

  5. I will put this in my bucket list. Thanks for the share.


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