Monday, April 4, 2011

A Traveller’s Seashore Bash (Beach Capital Of The Philippines)

              Well, I don’t think this place still needs an introduction because it is the most popular Philippine destination in the World. Very well-known to Foreign Tourists that even Hollywood Stars visit this so-called Beach Capital of the Philippines and it is BORACAY.  I’ve been to Boracay a lot of times during the lean months and I always try Parasailing, Nature Trekking, Jetski, Banana Boating, ATV, Aquanot and their famous Island Hopping. This place is seen by Filipinos as the “Las Vegas” version of the Philippines because it is a Beach filled with lots of Hotels, Restaurants and Bars. And it’s more alive at night than daytime. So people go here because of the all out nightlife party.
                But… For a Nature lover, Traveller and Adventurer like me? I wouldn’t prefer the nightlife version of BORACAY but instead I would focus on the Ecological experience of Boracay, where I could be close more to nature and understand them by observing their reactions to the changes made by the people who try to develop BORACAY by building these numerous establishments and creating more garbages that allows the destruction of our natural wonders. So I tried Island Hopping, Nature Trekking and Aquanot. And as I was doing these activities, I can only say one thing… That Boracay’s beauty is vanishing… Corals are dying and plastics can be seen deep within the sea. And It’s not humane to destroy the marine life because it causes an imbalance to our ecology and we will be the one’s suffering in the future, which is by the way, already being felt by us… So please, to those people who travels to BORACAY or any other place in the Philippines especially when you are around nature, please respect other species living in that area. Please, never leave your trash anywhere because a tiny piece of garbage destroys a lot of marine life… We could enjoy God’s gift which is nature by being one with it… Hopefully, people managing Boracay would create more Eco-Friendly activities and would try to make a way to preserve the natural wonder of Boracay by preventing garbages and plastics from going out to the sea…

                Let us not wait for Nature to take revenge on us humans… We could start now, in our own little way to create awareness on all the people we meet. Preventing Natural destruction is better than Curing it… Please act before it’s too late… Always remember that regrets will only be realized in the end, when everything is already irreversible…

- Happy Loner Traveller

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  1. very great blog that people should know of.... it teaches us a lot on how to protect ourselves and prevent the end of the world....


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