Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Traveller’s Wedding Bliss (Poro Point, La Union)

                I’m always passing by to La Union whenever I travel from Baguio to Manila and vice versa but I never had the chance to stop by and explore La Union because I was so focused in discovering those off the beaten track Philippine destinations.

                But I was given a chance to explore it for free, thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Sy for inviting my Grandfather Armando Leyva as a principal sponsor for their wedding. And I accompanied my Grandpa to the said occasion.

                So the reception was held at this fabulous resort named THUNDERBIRD RESORT, it is of greek architectural design facing the vast South China Sea where you can see the strong waves splashing into the rocks. Its setting is windy and romantic. Truly, Love can be felt in the air and as I was watching the sweet newly-weds, I can’t help but think of my future dream wedding that will happen with my Princess someday…

                I enjoyed the reception, the sweet mellow music played by the orchestra and the endearing video presentation of the couple’s lovestory. What an inspiring wedding by these 2 brave people who are not afraid to show to the world how much they are proud of having and loving each other… And I give my compliments to them for choosing a magnificent place to have their post-wedding ceremony. And I also give my best wishes to them for their Lifetime of True Love that can be only found by few people…

- Happy Loner Traveller


  1. napakormantic naman at napakaganda ng place ng wedding.... perfect!

  2. ok ba dito al?

    -bryan magali

  3. Yup, maganda diyan Bry... Romantic ang setting at yung hotel is of Greek Theme... :-)


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