Monday, February 29, 2016


            After the First 3 Projects in 2014, a year later, this is the time where THE ARMANDO Q. LEYVA PROJECT is vigorously active again. Well, it has always been operational for the whole season but the final quarter of the year is where the BIG Projects are being pursued. Because planning & surveying of these major events would take us up a year to finish. Of course, we would want to find the most perfect group of recipients that would embody our criteria as stated in the Charity’s mission & vision.

            And now, THE ARMANDO Q. LEYVA PROJECT is starting 2015 by opening Project 4 which is giving back to God’s Workers. So on one Sunday morning of July, I visited our Brothers & Sisters at the GOSPEL OF CHRIST FELLOWSHIP BAGUIO. This is to check & observe their Church, coz’ I felt that I might be of something in use to their house of worship. And right there & then, I knew why GOD lead me to their place of worship and that is because he has set a new mission for me to accomplish… However, before all of this, I had my very first test of faith & that was I got lost looking for their place of worship, I didn’t even know that they already moved to another location, and so I have to ask several people in & around the old vicinity on where I could find the new site of the Church because the contact number of the person in charge of GCF Baguio could not be reached at that time. But nobody knew where they have relocated, so I literally have gone astray. And for People with ordinary faith, they may already have instantly given it up or probably told themselves that they will attend the service the next Sunday but not me. I won’t give up my faith that easily. It’s as if I have felt that GOD is challenging my confidence in him. And the fascinating thing is, in the end, GOD rewarded my conviction. I never gave up on finding his Church because I knew deep inside of me that I have a purpose for this House of God. My being off track led me to our Baguio Pastor’s house and there, their housemate told me the new whereabouts of GCF Baguio. As I have finally arrived at their new spot, they were already in the worship part of their program. I suddenly noticed that there were no LCD’s to refer onto with regards to their praise & worship songs, meaning, you can’t sing together with them because you don’t know the lyrics, especially when you are not updated on the latest Christian songs. Furthermore, I have also witnessed as well, the financial situation of our Brothers & Sisters there which really gave a permanent saddle in my heart… And right at that very moment, I have never stopped but instead continuously prayed hard to our Creator that he may use me in helping to build his kingdom in GCF Baguio.

            So I had a meeting with our Head Pastor there, which is Pastor Oscar Joaquin and asked some questions regarding on what they need for their Church to improve more, then he gladly & openly shared to me their wishes. And I told him that I have a small project for GCF Baguio, along with that, I have also asked for his prayer that GOD would favor my plan for this Church. As I arrived home, I quickly & silently prayed to GOD, politely telling him that my heart’s ultimate desire is to help GCF Baguio and respectfully asking him to bless me so that I could help my neighbors in GCF Baguio.

            3 months later, I’m still carrying that burden but GOD never failed my heart’s prayer. He has used my Sister Armina Joy Leyva Yuson to help me in this project. "It’s just a matter of patience & perfect timing and what I meant by “perfect timing” is God’s right time…" So right away, I called Pastor Oscar Joaquin to tell him the wonderful news, he got so ecstatic & excited that GCF’s Presentation System is now superb than ever. And on that Sunday, you can right away see it in the eyes of each & every member on how profoundly blessed they are feeling during the worship program. You could strongly perceive the Holy Spirit working upon them. It is just plain exceptional & out of this world! And now, it’s just so overpowering to see my own self being used by our GOD, I just felt so blissfully exalted as if my soul was immediately raptured in Heaven. I am just so full of gratitude to our Creator because he finally used me for a deeper & bigger purpose and it is just so delightful when GOD utilizes you for his glory & magnificence, you just feel that you have a sense in this beautiful World that he created in…

            Psalms 37:4 said "Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart."

 - Soul Writer

***This Article is dedicated to the "GREAT" ARMANDO Q. LEYVA. Tatay, I always miss you and I love you so much...

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