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            On one of my phrases during my final tribute speech for my Grandfather, the “GREAT” ARMANDO Q. LEYVA, I stated in there, that the legacy could only be continued if the eleven Grandchildren were all there, it couldn’t be only one. Because each of the eleven has a unique trait that he/she has inherited which represents a part of our Grandfather. So if the eleven of us are complete, then the whole being of my Grandfather is there…

            My Grandfather is an ordinary being, just like all of us but with an extraordinary soul and heart that is filled with immeasurable love, first for God, second for Family and third for everyone else… Typical for any other human being but unconventional because of his humble works… He is a Man blessed and used by God to help countless of people in so many forms and ways. He has also been a Father figure to numerous of individuals seeking for Parental love and support. And yet, the most astonishing part is, he didn’t even brag about this to anyone, not even to his own Family, not a single soul. His Family didn’t even know about this until he already went to Heaven and people that he has helped started testifying about this God’s humble & true servant… "Because the greatest thing about this humble servant is… He is doing everything not for Man but for GOD... He is just like a Child who wants to put an impact and impress his Creator."

            And with that, He left a legacy so difficult to fill in but had definitely been imprinted and has inspired his eleven Grandchildren to follow his Christian footsteps. I also have once said that my Grandfather gave the richest inheritance to us and that is… He raised his Family infront of God’s eyes…

            So on November 8, 2012, the eleven Grandchildren started to fill in those huge shoes of their beloved Grandfather. They formed a group and named it after their Grandfather’s. They concentrated first on creating the mission, vision and objectives of their group, that they will focus first on the place closest to the heart of their Grandfather and it is in San Carlos City Pangasinan. And that they will prioritize three main groups of whom are the Indigents, Malnourished Children & Elderlies regardless of their health statuses. Another thing is, their group shall co-exist with the Church founded by their Grandfather in 1987 which is the GOSPEL OF CHRIST FELLOWSHIP. Most importantly, monetary funds would only come from the eleven grandchildren’s pockets, as well as from his children. Relatives are also welcome to share materials but only on their free will. Other than that, THE ARMANDO Q. LEYVA PROJECT will not accept any monetary offers outside of their Family tree. Also, there will be atleast three projects per year focusing on one event each for those prioritized groups listed above. So it was on November 28, 2014 that the first ever project begun, it consisted of 100 Indigents from the Barangay PNR and 50 poverty-stricken Families from Basista Pangasinan. In Barangay PNR, we directly immersed ourselves into the village and went to each home that fitted the criteria of an Indigent. We listed their names, took photos of them and gave them stubs as proofs that they were the ones that we have invited for the first ever project. Our purpose is to prevent people who does not fit the criteria of being an Indigent from taking advantage of these things. This is not to discourage them coz’ everybody deserves to receive blessings. However, our charitable body is just starting, so we only have limited resources and sufficient funds to help a specific group of the less fortunate division. So we would want the real “needy” to be taken care of first. And if in the future, with God’s will & favor, that our charitable cause would grow, then we could provide more for the other sectors of the less fortunate.

            On the day of the event, the program was held at Gospel of Christ Fellowship Church San Carlos and it started at 9 in the morning. Pastor Hipolito “Jun” Sabangan shared an inspiring sermon of God’s words to our 100 chosen Indigents, then ten of the student officers coming from the GOSPEL OF CHRIST MONTESSORI SCHOOL assisted us in giving rice porridge as breakfast and in the latter part of our agenda, the student officers handed out the gifts to our Indigents. The purpose of why I wanted the Youth to be involved in this is because I wanted to create an awareness in them. I wanted to instill in them the feeling of fulfillment in giving because they are our next generation. I am already slowly handing over my inheritance from my Grandfather ARMANDO Q. LEYVA to them, our successors. I wanted to show them that there are still people who are sharing love to their Neighbors and these are the Children of God.

            After the Gift Giving, Feeding Program, Medical Mission and Preaching of God’s Words, I just can’t help but burst into tears while witnessing those smiles from the 100 Indigent’s faces, it is just plain priceless. I saw how they felt our love and the love of our Creator. After the first half of Project 1, we proceeded to Basista Pangasinan to witness its second half. The fourth year students of the Gospel of Christ Montessori School shared their blessings such as the Filipino Noodles which is popularly called “Pansit”, cakes & slippers to the 50 deprived Families residing in there. Watching the Youth do these things at their very young age gives me comfort that the World’s Future are in better hands.

            Then lastly, I told everybody that “The true meaning of Religion is valuing your relationship with others and getting along with everyone”.

            The ARMANDO Q. LEYVA PROJECT (PART 1) would like to thank the GCMS (Gospel of Christ Montessori School) Students & Teachers (Gospelistas), Pastor Hipolito “Jun” Sabangan and the Workers of GCF (Gospel of Christ Fellowship) Church San Carlos. May our GOD do wonderful favors to your heart’s desires…

            2 Corinthians 9:7 said “Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver”.

- Soul Writer

*** This Article is dedicated to the "GREAT" ARMANDO Q. LEYVA. Tatay, I always miss you and I love you so much...

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