Tuesday, February 23, 2016


            In Project I, we have focused on the Indigents. In Project II, the Malnourished Children.. Now, we still have one more prioritized group to help before closing the year 2014 and this mission that THE ARMANDO Q. LEYVA PROJECT must complete are for the Elderlies regardless of their health statuses.

            Sister Vicky Benin, an adopted daughter of my Grandfather in GOD, approached and encouraged me to help these 50 Sick Elderlies serving as patients in Pangasinan Provincial Hospital (PPH). She told me that she got blessed after witnessing me walking towards Sister Mila’s (Cook) house carrying all the materials that I bought from the wet market which were previously used in THE ARMANDO Q. LEYVA PROJECT’s first two events while I’m on my usual household clothes. It has touched her because it is the first ever moment that she saw me dressed so simple & ordinary, with my face looking unwashed and no finicky attitude within my body. Well, to clear things out, I am every bit of that person she is referring to, that’s just the real me, so much contented with “Simplicity”. She just normally & regularly sees me during Sundays and on occasions. That is why she’s never used to seeing me on my household clothes.

            So on December 23, 2014, we coordinated with the hospital’s administration and we got a permission to do Gift Giving, Feeding Program and Sharing of God’s Words to these 50 Geriatric Patients. We serenaded them with a worship song and prayed for their fast recovery & discharge as well. Pastor Hipolito “Jun” Sabangan even gave them an inspiring message, he told them that “We did not come here to insist Religion on all of you but we came here because we want to build a relationship that we can value with you and that we want to share our love for you”.

            Majority of the Elderlies or Geriatrics as what we call them in the medical field have three or more health-related problems, commonly are cardiovascular disease, diabetes and arthritis. That is why they should be the ones infront of the line when it comes to HEALTHCARE privileges. But the heartbreaking reality is, I barely see any health-service benefits given to them, most especially the poor sector. Whenever they fight for their right in receiving good-quality healthcare, what will recoil back to them is further oppression from the authorities. Whereas, these Elderlies should be the ones getting all the good stuffs out-of-this world and out-of-this life because they were the same ones who sacrificed & dedicated all of their decades in giving and serving us, their next generation, the best future possible in which we are currently living & enjoying right now on our own backyards in this God-given world. And so to speak the real truth, "They are the ones in this planet who’s remaining time is already limited, that is why they deserve to have the best of what’s left in this world. And what I mean by best is in terms of love, care and attention, which is what their heart truly seeks…"

            While we were praying for them, I saw all patients placed both of their hands in their bodies while quietly crying their pains to GOD. There, I realized why GOD chose me to be a Doctor, because no matter what career path I have chosen, I still ended up pursuing on being a Doctor. I understood it now, my bigger purpose… And that is to serve my neighbors through healing them with the skills & talents which our Creator has bestowed upon me.

             The ARMANDO Q. LEYVA PROJECT (PART 3) would like to thank Pastor Hipolito "Jun" Sabangan, Ms. Shirley Fortin and the Workers of GCF (Gospel of Christ Fellowship) Church San Carlos. May our GOD do wonderful favors to your heart's desires...

              Matthew 6:21 said "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also".

 - Soul Writer

***This Article is dedicated to the "GREAT" ARMANDO Q. LEYVA. Tatay, I always miss you and I love you so much...

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