Saturday, December 12, 2009

Who Am I?

        In my 25 years of life, I still have that same exact question in my mind. Who am I? From my 25 years of getting to know who I am, do I already know myself? Can I entrust myself to me? Am I already confident in defending my own self?

        Well, as I aged, I am learning to understand my own heart and mind. I am progressively getting to know who I am as a person and a human being, as time passes by.

        Now, I can say that I have already understood and found myself. We have to undergo trials and difficult experiences for us to know our limitations and boundaries. It is in our hardships that we bring out our real personhood. For the past 25 years, I can say that I’m that kind of person who is loving, respectful, principled, with dignity, a talent who loves art, God fearing, romantic, adventurous, a discoverer of real life, who loves to share what he has to those people in severe need, simple yet living the life… Why loving? I never took revenge on someone who abused, disrespected and did not treat me well as a human being but rather I forgave them but I never forgot what they did to me. I’ll just be cautious to those people who did not treat me well. Why respectful? Basing on my family’s history, they raised and trained me to give equal respect to all people. There are no rich and poor, no celebrities, no divisions but rather all of us are created and born with the same freedom to live. Why principled and with dignity? I always follow the rules but sometimes you have to bend it when the rules are already abusing your right to live. Not all the things that the rule says are right, we are born as conscience beings and we can use that to guide us from doing what is right or wrong. Why a talent who loves art? Basically I love movies and music so much that I love to act, sing, dance, write romantic short stories, create short documentaries, make heartfelt poems and compose lovely songs. I have dreams of becoming an artist because I have passion for what I do. Why God fearing? My family has their own belief, they are born again protestants and I was raised according to their belief. But that didn’t stop me from exploring the truth that I believed. For me, religion is not that important to me, it’s just a guide. The most important thing for me is my relationship and faith in God and sharing to my brothers and sisters in God what truth I have learned. Why romantic? I’m a person who believes so much in true great love and in faithfulness with the partner of your life. Why adventurous and a discoverer of real life? Well, I’m a traveller, I love to explore and appreciate places that God created for us to take good care of it. These wonderful scenic views are the true testimony that God loves us so much. Why loving to share is important to me? We must be thankful that we are blessed by God, so in our few ways, we must share what we have to those people in need, it’s always a feeling of fulfillment whenever you see someone who smiled despite of their situation because you made their simple dreams happen. And lastly but the most important thing for me, Why simple? Being simple is being humble in our own origins. Eventhough, we are already successful and accomplished in our own ways, let us not forget to always know where we came from and our feet should always be on the ground because the people in your past have somehow contributed to what you are right now. Without them, you will never reach your dreams or even the goals you have created in your life.

- Soul Writer


  1. You are the perfect GUY!!! DREAM GUY for every girl in this world,. Goodlooking, smart, brave, romantic, godfearing, family man etc., It seems that you have no flaws. ;_)

  2. Wow, thank you, really, thank you to all of your comments in my blogs... It's really flattering... hope you read my future blogs... :-)

  3. u amaze me, armie.. for very few people are in touch of who they really are.. in this chaotic world we live in, it is easy to be consumed by the negative forces that abound.. yet u remain pure, intact, and genuine.. may ur positive, vibrant, and noble intentions pave the way for others to do the same.. shine on! God is with u. :)

  4. Wow, sir monch... sobrang nakakamelt po yung comment niyo... you gave me tears of joy... super thank you po talaga for your wonderful heartfelt comment... that meant a lot to me kasi mas lalo po ako naiinspire to write and share more to other people that you don't need to be someone else to be accepted by people... the only people who will accept the real you are the one's who really loves you... :-)

  5. You are a writer by nature and those people who have that are very rare.

  6. you are great in manipulating words!!! You exactly described what you really want to express!!! Amazing gift!

  7. nobody's perfect my ally.. but for me? you are simply the best.. just live life to the fullest without regrets.. i love you so much.. ☻

  8. I can get very sensitive at times okay...I love you..i know i say that alot but
    the only reason i say that is because i dont want you to forget that i do...
    I just want to know how you really feel about me and i hope you let me
    know after your done reading this... :)

  9. I just wish you were there more for me
    you know its like sometimes im feeling down and i have no one to talk to and the only
    person i would want to talk to and cry about things is you no1 else and
    the way i see things is that if ur gonna be in a relationship with someone
    is like im expecting for you to be there for me just like im gonna be there for
    you...and you know that when ever you have a problem im here for you ive
    been here for you since the very beginning and im not gonna stop being there... i love you my ally..


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