Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Life’s Passion

        I started to learn that I love singing when I was 5 years old… I remembered that I was always singing while taking a bath, even until now I’m still doing it… It’s my first love… I remembered before that I love to sing videoke songs from the cable, I’m even calling the company to request what songs they will play and I will always choose Bon Jovi songs… It’s so nice to recall from your past…

        As I grew older, I learned to battle the negative criticisms in my life… Instead of me accepting the discouragements, I looked at it as an encouragement to enhance and work harder to show my faithful relationship to my first love which is music…

        So I believe that like in learning… singing is a nonstop progression in life… there’s a never ending enhancing and developing of your God given talents… So while I’m still breathing, I’ll still continue living my life by singing and giving music to it…

- Soul Writer


  1. That's passion and talent with a great personality because you have a great positive outlook in life!!! AMAZING!!! Continue your gift man!!!

  2. Thank you Thank you... hope you always read my blogs... I'll try to make one every week... thank you again...

  3. Great composition, I love your original songs!

  4. Dapat maging pro singer ka na! Galing mo eh! IDOL!!!



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