Monday, December 21, 2009

A Traveller’s Final Paradise (The Great Escape To The Last Frontier)

        Where else in the world can you find the perfect place to have a vacation to? The magnificent place where you can find true peace and relaxation? The absolute place where nature will take good care of you and show you the beauty of it’s real treasures? Well, I found it here… In the Philippines…

        I have been to the most admirable countries in the world and I can surely say that this is one of the best places in our God given planet where you can discover and own excellence through your eyes… It is one of the most perfect place, if not, the only perfect place where you can witness both a majestic scene with the cheapest budget you’ll ever have…

        And this place they call the last frontier? Is Palawan… I have been to the three major locations of Palawan… First, Puerto Princesa… Second, El Nido… And Last but not the least, Coron… Each place offers a unique way for you to appreciate them differently…

        In Puerto Princesa where you can find Honda bay, Crocodile Farm and the World famous Underground river, as well as great restaurants like Badjao seafood restaurant, Bilao at palayok and the famous Kalui restaurant where I saw the popular Mayor Hagedorn. Here at Puerto Princesa, on an island of Honda bay called Pandan Island is where I first ate my most inexpensive crab ever, 2 Kilos of crabs for only Sixty Philippine Pesos… Yes! You’ve read it right, 60 PhP!!! At Puerto Princesa, I stayed at this low-priced, beautiful, quiet, very clean hotel called Deloro, where the services are great…

        In El Nido, You can see the famous Miniloc Island’s small and big lagoons… And other beaches with white creamy flour like sand and this is the only place where you can own both an island and a beach by yourself because few people go here… I travelled from Puerto Princesa to El Nido by bus for 9 long hours… Again, Yes! 9 Beautiful hours… And with that bus trip, there’s a 2 kilometer walk in the mud because the bus can’t pass through. While walking in the mud, the View was extraordinary, it was breathtaking!!! When I arrived at El Nido, I saw a beautiful small quiet town surrounded by gigantic dead rock mountains and it was unexceptionable at it’s loveliness… I stayed at another budget but very clean and beautiful hotel called Marina…

        In Coron, You can see here the famous Kayangan cove and Barracuda lake… This place is full of wonderful lagoons… And the popular Restaurants here are La Sirenetta, Kawayanan Grill and Bistro by Bruno, a 250 PhP Pizza with the size of a tray… While planning for My Island hopping to these lagoons, I decided to buy Crabs and Prawns in the market and I paid for it to be cooked there and I ate this while enjoying my amazing adventure… Inside Kayangan lake, while I was swimming, I was amazed because the water is not salty, then I knew that all of the water inside the lagoon came from the rain… The salt water can’t enter inside the lagoon. There is also more that Coron can offer besides it’s incredible beaches, there is also an impressive natural Hot Spring surrounded by astonishing mangroves and the astounding Mount Tapyas with 724 steps to reach it’s top… It was all WORTH IT!!! I stayed at a new reasonably priced hotel called Mt. Tapyas Hotel with an elegant restaurant at it’s rooftop which commands a remarkable view of the Coron Bay…

        I’m Jealous of the people living in Palawan… Why? Because they are one of the most Happiest and contented people I’ve ever seen in this world… I never saw them greed for anything… It’s like they have everything… It’s like they’re richer than the Forbes 100 richest people of the world… Why? As I observed them, I realize that they never greed for anything because they never experienced these things, the latest trends in fashion, the newest gadgets in technology… Coz’ I believe that once you experience this material things, you greed for more, you never get contented because it builds envy within us and we become more possessive and chaotic. That to be popular, We need to have the latest in everything. It is only in Palawan that I saw someone paying a bag of rice just to get a ride in the bus. And I can say that they have the PEACEFUL life that we, the one’s residing from the urban cities envy…

        Now, I know why Palawan is called “The Last Frontier”. You won’t realize it until you’ve experienced it. With it’s untouched, undisturbed and unruffled beauty, it still amazes me that we are still given a chance to experience the miraculous attraction of God’s natural scenery despite the destructive behavior of mankind… So I will leave my last words to you and these are “Let us love God’s only treasure to us”.

- Happy Loner Traveller


  1. Your blogs really have heart, continue inspiring people and promoting love to everyone. Maybe a man like you could make a big difference in this world. I hope many more will read your blogs and learn great lessons from you. ;->

  2. Wow... Thank you... you're right, we need to change now before everything is too late...

  3. You're BEST so far! Keep writing more!

  4. Thank you for encouraging me and my wife to go there.

  5. HI :)
    just wanna ask magkano lahat nagastos mo, if its ok :) and you didn't go for the packages of airlines diba? kasi you were able to go to el nido and coron eh :)

    nice blog BTW, keep it up :) you are an excellent writer :)

  6. Thank you po... Actually, I have my own Travel Agency, and I offer very cheap packages with good quality in terms of service... you can contact me for inquiries... :-)


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