Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rediscovering My Sexuality

        We all started to discover our sexuality at our primary age by the kinds of toys we play, the cartoons we watch and the playmates that we find. And we never stop rediscovering our sexuality as we age. We rediscover it on our secondary ages like having crushes, finding for a peer group and trying to look for our idols that best relates us. For me, as every day passes by, I discover more and more of my sexuality. I love being a heterosexual guy who’s having crushes with ladies. I am a pure straight guy, not that I discriminate homosexuals. I have gay friends and I’m comfortable to be with them because I’m satisfied with my sexuality. When I was a kid I always love to play gun toys and play hard boy stuff like making traps and playing like you’re in a war game. And I’m that kind of guy that has crushes with girls but is faithful to only one lady in my lifetime.

        As I grew older, I was surrounded mainly by females in my environment like in my family, in my 10 1st cousins from my mother’s side, 8 are girls and only 3 are boys including me. And in my preparatory, elementary and highschool years, there are 10 males and 30 girls. As well as my pre-med in pharmacy, all of my classmates are girls. Even now in medicine, we are dominated by girls. But that didn’t confuse me from my sexuality. I love girls and I have the advantage because I could relate to them and I could understand them easily. I’m not ashamed to be in touch with my feelings, I’m not shy to express what I feel as long as I know I am right because I’m contented and satisfied with who I am and my own sexuality.

- Soul Writer


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