Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Traveller’s Lucky Penny (All Expense Paid Cebu Vacation)


         For a Traveller like me, there is no better vacation than an all expense paid trip especially when you are in one of the country’s top luxurious resort which is located in the heart of Visayas and it’s called SHANGRILA MACTAN CEBU…

         As a Traveller, our number one priority besides our safety and trying to explore a place is our BUDGET… As much as possible, we should try to look for the cheapest but best itinerary a tourist could ever experience in that certain place. So we should not spend beyond our estimate expenditure. Coz’ you don’t have to disburse a lot of money just to satisfy yourself and enjoy the place. But in this case, they are exempted because they are not travellers at all and lucky for me, they just brought me along with them… :-)

         Special thanks to my wonderful Aunt Noli, Uncle Efren and my Cousins CT, Kimchi and Mikee for including me in their pampering, costly and lavish vacation… coz’ I couldn’t afford this kind of vacation, a 15,000 per room per night and it includes breakfast buffet, free shuttle to Cebu City and beach facilities.

         Here at Cebu City, It’s like you’re in Metro Manila too, because of its fast growing development, you wouldn’t see the difference between the two cities at all. What captured me in Cebu was their uniquely tasting LECHON at C&T stalls located almost anywhere in the city, it’s better than Luzon’s version. Very yummy that you tend to crave for more, it’s like shutting down your satiety center because you never get satisfied and you try to taste for more... Which is by the way, very bad for our health…

         I also visited the historical places like the Magellan’s Cross and Fort San Pedro . But the best part of the vacation is the resort itself, once you’re in Shangrila Mactan, you wouldn’t want to leave the place because the spot itself is already a top tourist destination…

- Happy Loner Traveller

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