Monday, April 19, 2010

My Wedding Vow

        I want to start by describing what I am before I met you. Before I met you, I was a person who did not know life. I don’t know how it works and I just took everything for granted. I was childish, selfish and irresponsible. I don’t have a direction or a future. My path was dark. But all of that changed when I met you… When you came, seems like all of me has changed. You never forced me to change but you influenced me into being a better person. Suddenly, I saw the big picture and realized how beautiful life is with you… Because of you, I became futuristic, thinking not about my future, but ours. This I can say that a boy now becomes a man. I am now responsible to all the things that I do like for example, staying away from temptations because I never want to see you get hurt. I know that you knew before you met me that I’m that kind of guy who is truly loyal and faithful to the person he loves. You saw in me what I did not see in myself. You saw all the good things in me as well as the negative side. But still, you accepted me whole heartedly and you loved me wholly. I’m so blessed and thankful to have you… So everyday I am really thankful to God because he gave you to me. He knows that I needed you. So each and everyday, I have entered a commitment to dearly love, protect, appreciate and give importance to you till’ the very day that my life will be taken from me but I strongly believe that even in the after life, I will still love you so much. From the moment my eyes first gazed at you I knew that you were the one that I’ve been waiting for, you are the one that I will romantically spend the rest of my life with. The truth is at first when I’m making this vow to you. I never knew what to write because there are no words to say in describing the happiness that I’m feeling right now that you are In front of me in this very very very special day. And now it seems to contradict me because I don’t know how to end my speech. Now, it seems that my lifetime is not enough for me to say all the great things that I’m feeling right now because I have you in my life. So maybe I will finish my speech but my vow will still be undying. That I will never promise because promises were made to be broken but rather I will commit to whatever comes out from my mouth… That I, Armie Lawrence Leyva Yuson, will treat ___________ as the true princess of my existence, my partner through whatever situation and my wife who truly and greatly loves me… And I would release these words of assurance that I will always remain loyal and faithful in loving you and that I would love you for the rest of my time…

- Poetic Prince


  1. whoah! grabehhh! kakakilig naman♥

  2. Thank you for appreciating my writings... :-)

  3. Whoever that "princess" is... she is so very lucky to have you Mr.Armie :)


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