Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Own Little Perfect World

        Most people think, actually, a majority of them say that I have the perfect life… That I have the perfect family, perfect lifestyle and perfect in everything that I do… That every time I hear perfect, I just hear another expectation from me… And it’s so tiring living to those expectations of people around you. Not just your family members, not just your friends but those who knew the background of your family.

        Well, most of them, actually, all of them are wrong… coz’ I’m not perfect and I’m sick of hearing those faultless expectations from me… coz’ the truth is, I’m very far from being excellent, I make a lot of mistakes and failures in life, too much to say that I’m far from the description PERFECT… and right now, I’m already tired of using the word perfect in all of my sentences. But there’s one thing that I’m very proud of, I always come back big time, whenever I fall, I just climb up to another level of rock from where I fell… That’s just ME, I never give up on things. I always work hard for what I need and want in my life…

        When I was 9 years old, I realized that I have the gift of writing as well, that through my writings, I could express the exact words that I would want to say to anyone… I write poems, short stories, scripts, songs and anything that my heart wishes to shout… So now, I started writing these blogs for me to share to other people what I have learned in my experiences in life… The great lessons that I have encountered, the values that I have gained, the people that are valuable in my life, the things that we should never take for granted, the gifts that we should be thankful for like our nature and how big our faith should be to our God who gave everything to us. Maybe through my writings, I could inspire people to cherish what they already have and just make the most out of it…

        Whenever I write, it’s like I create my own little perfect world that is very far from my reality of unanswered expectations… It’s the perfect place for my escape where I can be the REAL ME… And to those of you, who are reading my blogs are very welcome to enter in my world and when you leave, hope you’ll bring something of ME with you…

- Soul Writer

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