Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy Loner Traveller In Your Clasrooms!!!

                I have been an Adventurer and Traveller for 6 years and a Professional Blogger for over 3 years now… I’ve nearly explored the Philippine Islands, most of Asia and some parts of the Western World. And I’ve documented every journey and challenges I have encountered, whether it be travels, lifestyle and/or personal struggles.

                I write from my own experiences, the lessons I’ve gained, the values I’ve earned. And like what I’ve always said, writing is my way of communicating to the World. But I have no single idea on how big is my impact to those who’ve stumbled upon my blogs and have been my regular readers and viewers. Yes, I have been receiving texts, emails, messages, post-mails and calls on how I have touched and changed their lives through my writings. How I have inspired them to live a fulfilled life and how I opened their eyes to see how significant their life is, regardless of their status in this World. I appreciate those so much but I still haven’t digested in my thoughts on how powerful a writing could ever be over people’s lives.

                Until recently, I’ve heard that my Articles are being discussed and related by 3 classes/block sections of B.S Pharmacy & B.S Medical Technology students in Saint Louis University Baguio City (My Alma Mater) under Health Economics subject by Ms. Rhoda Jennet E. Razo. It was immersed through the topic about “1) Achieving Good Mental Health Amidst The Stressors In Post-Modern Society” and “2) Environmental Tourism As A Key To National Progress”. And the students made a reaction paper about my works relating it to what they have learned in their class, they even added plentiful of creative artworks with it. I was unaware of it until I received all of their works, and I joyously cried with their heartwarming reactions. I never would have thought that I could have an impact to these kids and I never even imagined that one day, they would discuss Happy Loner Traveller’s works in their classrooms. It was a huge honor for me and I, personally am inspired to write greater articles and create educational shows, not only for the youth but for everyone as well.

                You see, when you think that you are worthless, try to think again, maybe you have no idea that what you are doing in every moment of your life affects and changes another life, maybe even set of lives, with you being unaware of it. You have no idea on how powerful your impact is on another person, so never even try to think that you are “just nothing” in this World. We are all connected in every way possible, connected with each other and connected with nature. What we do always has an outcome to others. So, if you do good, it’ll always be goodness that will be given back to you.

                You see, as a Writer, Word is the language of my profession. A Writer’s Words always reflects and represents real life situations and could strongly affect and ignite people’s feelings. A Writer has this power and responsibility to change human beings and even change the World. So the power of the human mind must always be taken care of, thus, writing is a big responsibility coz’ it pierces through people’s hearts.

                I am so glad that these kids have learned a lot about real life from me, what they will never learn from their classrooms. Thank you so much to Ms. Rhoda Jennet E. Razo for introducing my works in her 3 classes, truly I am one with your principle, an “outside of the box” type of teaching, that in reality, 30% are learned from our classrooms and 70% are from our real life experiences.

                And thank you to these kid’s creative works, I will forever cherish it in my heart. I just wish that you will carry all throughout your lives what you have learned from Armie Yuson. And I still believe that one small act of goodness from one ordinary and simple human being can still cause the most powerful explosion, stronger than that of nuclear weapons, to create awareness, change humanity and make the World continue living with peace, hope and love…

- Happy Loner Traveller

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