Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Sin In The Dark About (The Unknown Ignorance Revealed)

            Do you ever wonder why there are more numbers of people in the poor sector rather than the rich? Have you even asked yourself why they became poor? That despite of people from the middle and rich sector’s efforts in helping them, they still couldn’t grasp that success within their hands? Don’t you have these questions bugging you up in your mind every now and then?

            As I’ve been reading and researching these books from highly respected Authors and relating it to the Scriptures from the Bible and as I’ve consulted Historians & Bible Experts, I have come up with this conclusion. I came up with answers relating it to my expertise as an Environmentalist.

            In one of the Scriptures from the Bible, God’s main order is “We should Love our Neighbors”, a law that he emphasized many times in the Old & New Testament of the Bible. So in order for one to be loved, blessed and be given success by our Almighty Father God, We must be obedient and follow his orders/law and to do that so, one must love his/her neighbors (Fellow People) but you see, if We didn’t obey that, then we commit a sin, if we hurt or do harm to our fellow people, we commit a sin and the grace of God is held back and we are punished as such.

            We were given minds that can not only think and create but analyze and rationalize as well, that our intellect’s capability were not only prepared for the simple circumstances but even in the complex learning environment. But how come, majority of us never used the ability of our brains, especially for the most common situations. My questions now are, when you are throwing a small piece of trash on the sidewalk or anywhere, is it considered a sin? When you are throwing your cigarette butts on the roads, beaches or anywhere, is it considered a sin? When you are smoking and passively affecting people around you with your fumes, are you already committing a sin? Is illegal logging of trees considered too as a sin? My set of questions might allow you to think that these are nonsense and a small kind of problem, some of you might also think that I’m just asking stupid & irrelevant questions that it should be dismissed right away because there are bigger problems occurring in our world that should be given more attention to. But isn’t it that everything starts from small things and then progresses to becoming something big? That these simple questions could one day greatly affect our lives and the lives of people around us, that ignoring to acquire knowledge and being unaware of what is needed to be learned is already a sin, because being humans, it is our responsibility to know these moral obligations to our fellow humans, animals and the environment. That throwing garbage or a cigarette butt to the streets could one day give rise to flood because it would fill up and accumulate upon these sewers and prevent water from flowing therefore causing inundation of a municipality or city, reaching up to 20 feet with strong currents that could drown & kill a lot of people with the aftermath of losing a loved one, having Leptospirosis (From A Parasite Found In Rodent’s Urine) and Dengue (Aedes aegypti Mosquito Bite) with it. That when you are causing second degree smoking to other people then they started having these metastasizing Malignant Lung Tumors and when you leave the mountains bald precipitating to landslides & flood resulting to high death toll. That because of ignoring those simple rules and laws could endanger lives and harm our neighbors and with that we already have committed a sin, a sin that violates God’s command which is to “Love Thy Neighbor”. He formed a law for us humans to follow, He created people who will perform as a Government body establishing laws & bills for us to act in accordance with, He gave us Nature because He loves us and he ordered us to protect what he has made. And once we disobey this, we ourselves are the ones who will put “US” in danger.

            A very good example of this are the Informal Settlers living along the Riverside, they are just dumping their garbage and wastes directly on the River leading to Water Pollution & blocked sewers that can later give harm to the biodiversity of Fishes living there, modifying their biomass and more importantly, bestowing adversity to their Fellow Humans.

            So please, don’t just read, don’t just talk & share but LIVE & ACT by it. If you love your Family, Friends & Neighbors, don’t throw garbage in the streets, stop smoking near susceptible nonsmokers and stop destroying Nature. If you are a Grandparent, a Parent, a Child and a Husband or a Wife, I CHALLENGE YOU to CHANGE your Lifestyle if you truly care for your Loved Ones…

- The Prodigal Learner

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