Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Lifetime Of Great Love (54 years)

                This love story for me is the greatest I’ve ever known. It involves two important people in my life, for without them I wouldn’t be here today telling this short story to you. It all started on holy week in the year of our Lord 1955. This young thin 21 year old handsome man with a Spanish blood named Armando who is from Mandaluyong in Metro Manila came by train to a small town called San Carlos Pangasinan. He was brought by his friend to visit the place because there is a Fiesta (Town Gathering). But he never thought that this simple vacation would change his life forever. They went to his friend’s house and unexpectedly he saw their neighbor, a young beautiful charming 14 year old lady named Cora was sweeping the leaves of their rooftop and instantly, he fell in love... He thought that it would be the only time He would see her…

                So Armando and his friend went to the plaza to attend the Fiesta. And surprisingly Cora and her woman friend also attended the occasion. That’s where Armando and Cora were formally introduced by their friends. So Armando attempted to ask Cora to dance boogie but she refused because she doesn’t know how to dance so instead Armando danced with Cora’s woman friend. But after that night, Armando can’t stop thinking about Cora, It’s as if his heart was struck by lightning that he couldn’t forget Cora’s beautiful young face… So he made a way to not stop their communication, he consistently sends letters to Cora describing his timeless affections for her… and Cora replied as well. After how many months have passed, with their constant communication that paved the way for magic to work upon them , Cora gave Armando the greatest gift that he would ever receive in his entire lifetime… Her endearing and enchanting “YES”.

                Armando was so grateful that he immediately rode a train to San Carlos and saw the breath of his life… However, so much affected with his emotions and due to very limited financial support, Armando began missing classes just to go to San Carlos and be with the love of his being. And soon he was forced to drop out of college. So with no money, no opportunity for education, he was forced to work as a salesman who’s visiting door to door offering Philippine brands of shampoo, soap and toothpaste to every household. And together with that, he decided to ask Cora to runaway with him and proposed to her for marriage because many men were pursuing her because of her mesmerizing beauty. Cora, without pause or hesitation immediately said another heartfelt “YES”...

                Because they were young with no money and no education, they lived a very difficult life… Their scenario is poorer than that of the rats. They endured an unfortunate course. For years, they sacrificed and worked for their survival, having 5 children with Cora being only a housewife and Armando with no stable work and no enough salary to support the whole family. Also, Armando was not always at home because he was trying to work hard with his little salary. It came to a point in their lives that they thought and asked themselves, what have I entered into? Are all of these worth for love? Have I made the right decision? So they began to have their disagreements… But still, they always ended up understanding each other. For Armando to forget their quarrels, He just thought of how beautiful their past is, on how wonderful they began their whimsical relationship, then he would be calm again...

                After experiencing all kinds of trials and afflictions, they never left each other, they persisted to fight for their true great love because they knew within their hearts that they have vowed to love each other no matter what obstacle will crush their way. And in the center of their love is God, with all the misfortunes they have gone through, Armando and Cora never lost their Faith to God. If I know a couple who has the greatest devotion to God, it would be them. One day, an unexpected blessing came, all of their hardships paid-off and it’s about time to grant their reward…

                54 years later, the family grew bigger, all children were married conceiving 11 charming Grandchildren… Armando and Cora have been proofs that True Great Love in this world really do exist… And as they grew older, the more they become sweeter and in love with each other… It’s as if they were youth again, strong and ageless… And I have been a witness and testament to their undying and unending love for each other… Truly, it is the tiniest ingredient of True Love that makes Fairy Tales such as this come true to life…

- Poetic Prince


  1. inspiring love story amigo....this ur grandparents?

  2. thank you amigo, yup, my beautiful grandparents, a love so rare yet still do exist in our world... :-)

  3. awwww, i love their story kuya :)


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