Saturday, February 5, 2011

Letter From A Princess

        Who is Armie for Me? My Ideal relationship is simply to be with the prince of my life… A simple guy who has everything that a girl would dream of… A smart, humble, loving, god fearing, respectful, sweet, honest, trustworthy, loyal, dignified, and most importantly faithful… A gentleman who would listen to your problems. A superhero that would save you from troubles and protect you from harm. A perfect guy… I know that no one is perfect but I have my own definition of a perfect man for me… Which is a man that would admire and truly love you even when you’re at your worst. A man that would never leave me and stay with me whatever happens until we grow old.

         I have found my perfect man… He is more than what I have been dreaming of. God gave him to save me, take good care of me and guide me… He is more than perfect that no words can ever describe what he is to me… He is more than my superhero, more than my prince and more than my guardian angel… He is simply my Guy…

         I am just so proud of him. He is that kind of person who has a strong faith in God, a humble man, super sweet, caring and truly loving… Very respectful and dignified… And a loyal and faithful prince… He is the most romantic guy with full of so much surprises… He is a Traveller who loves life… My mom and the whole family likes him so much. And most importantly, he listens to me, appreciates me and accepts the whole me, even my negative side. He guides me especially in my faith to God and my goals in life because he wants me to have a good future. He also writes me non-stop heart melting letters & poems and composes me lovely songs that would entingle my fragile heart… What’s more perfect than my Guy? And take note… Very Good looking like a celebrity… So, I really Thanked God so much for the greatest Gift in my whole life… Which is my Poetic Prince “Armie Lawrence Leyva Yuson”.

- Poetic Prince


  1. i like your passion on travelling alone. such a good thing to find someone who shares common passion as mine [[: saw your iloilo trip pics on the net, im bound for iloilo after my bday on april 29 ALONE, any tips on exciting places to visit there? thankz. anyways, nice blog [[:

  2. Wow... Thank you Ybiangz, Appreciate your comment... in Iloilo, old churches are popular and there's a popular beach there where tourists visit, I think its name is Concepcion, they have nice beaches there... coz' when I went to iloilo, I went straight to Guimaras where for me, I had more fun because it's not congested and you'll have your own privacy... :-)


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