Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Last Time My Mom Hugged Me

          I’m not sure when is the last exact date that my mother gave me a hug and told me that she loves me. I realized that while I was travelling on a bus when I saw a mother hugged and kissed her daughter and told her that she loves her. I felt the sadness in the eyes of the mother while looking at her child, that she will truly miss her.

          Right away, I shed a tear because it’s not the same with me and my mom anymore, unlike before. I’ve already accepted that in time, things and people will change. The only thing that I could do to adapt is accept the facts and realities of life. It rarely happens that only very few people stay and remain as they are throughout their life and I belong to that group. I wouldn’t change anything about me even if society would require it. I’m contented with who I am as a person. I wouldn’t change “ME” just to fit into society. If people will accept me, then I would gladly say thank you to them. But if they won’t, I would still say thank you to them.

         Back to my mom, of course I miss my old mom, the super loving and caressing inspirational super woman in my life… So while there is always time, grab and give importance to that given chance to love and be love with the people around you because everything passes away and they wouldn’t come back no matter how hard you pray for it. In the end, you’ll just have glimpses of happy memories of you and your mom…

- The Thoughtful Son


  1. Awww... =( It's never too late for both of you. Would you believe I just became closer to my mom when I reached this age. Maldita kasi ko dati. hahaha! She realized that when she read my diary during elementary and HS days. I hated her for that. But then, lalo nya kong nakilala dahil dun.. kaya siya na ang lumapit sakin kasi siguro muka akong disturbed based on all the stories I wrote there. hahaha! Wish you the best. happy 1st blogsary!

  2. haha... you were so affected with this post kura... thank you for your greeting, I'm happy it's my 1st Blogsary!!! :-) and I'm glad that you and your mom are okay... ;-)


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