Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Cheapest Travel Organizer You’ll Ever Meet

           Being a Traveller has a lot of benefits… You gain more knowledge and become a street smart type of person… You develop your charm and confidence inside of you… You tend to understand and look at the bigger picture of dreadful situations… You develop your instincts when interacting with nature and different types of people… You become friendlier and try to open up yourself to everyone… And you learn about all kinds of people while observing them through their norms, beliefs and cultures… And there’s a lot more to learn that will make you grow as a real human being by sculpturing your perspectives in life’s natural design...

           I have been to a lot of places in and out of the country and as time passed by, I’ve learned and progressed a lot. I’ve developed a strategy that would take me in all of the greatest places without me spending too much money. And one day, this technique of mine was tested through my friends. At first, we were only 4 going to Bolinao Pangasinan, we spent only 400 Philippine pesos each and this included gas, lunch, dinner and entrance to the beach resort Treasures Of Bolinao. Second was our Laiya Batangas trip, we were 10 with a budget of 1,500 Philippine pesos each and the inclusions are buffets of breakfast, lunch and dinner. As well as gas, cocktail drinks, midnight snacks, boat rent for snorkeling and an overnight stay at the Blue Coral Beach Resort. And lastly, our third tour that I organized was Coron Palawan for 10, each paid 5,000 pesos only and this comprises the airfare at Cebu Pacific, airport transfers, 3 days and 2 nights stay at Mt. Tapyas Hotel, 2 breakfast, 2 lunch, 2 dinner, land fares, hot spring entrances, Boat rent for Island Hopping, Island entrances, trek to Mt. Tapyas and a 1 hour whole body massage. Even my alone trips are in this price ranges…

           I always make sure that when I organize a tour for me and my friends, my priorities are their full satisfaction without a burden in their wallets… That’s how Armie’s Travel And Tours works… The best customer satisfaction you’ll ever experience at the cheapest price… Now, at your service… :-)

- Happy Loner Traveller

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