Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Loner Traveller Goes To MALAYSIA (My Truth About Kuala Lumpur)

                I spent my Christmas Eve alone for the very first time, going back to Kuala Lumpur from Singapore, it’s also what I wanted coz’ I don’t want to celebrate or feel Christmas in any way, that is why I just want to isolate myself from everyone and just allow myself to be alone on this most important Holiday of the Year.

                I got the best seat of the bus again, infront of the bus’s second floor. I had a very wide space where I can just raise both of my feet up high and have that pleasurable comfort, another six hours ride departing from Singapore at ten in the evening and arriving at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia at four in the morning. I went back to my accommodation at Berjaya Times Square Hotel and just slept till’ nine in the morning. My Destinations in Kuala Lumpur were Chinatown – a place where you can buy cheap clothes, accessories, bags and shoes but it’s just the same with our Divisoria in the Philippines, ours is probably cheaper. My next visit is the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, the Largest Aviary Park in the World, not just in Asia! The entrance fee is only 45 Ringgit and I pretty much enjoyed myself there because I got the chance to interact with numerous of Bird Species, most of them were not even in cages, so you see them in flocks wandering around the Park. But the thing that I enjoyed the most is the feeding time held at their Lake, all the Birds, flightless or flying were all rushing to get their food and you will definitely get entertained! My Last Destination in Kuala Lumpur is their Most Prominent Landmark, the Symbol of Malaysia, the Petronas Twin Towers. My Kuala Lumpur Trip wouldn’t be complete without visiting these Twin Skyscrapers. However, I encountered some problems going there, Taxi Drivers were haggling me and they don’t like using their metered fares instead their giving off contracted prices which is very expensive compared to the metered fares and they even have this sticker written on the side of their car door “This is a metered Taxi, don’t tolerate haggling.” And yet they’re still doing it and the Government of Malaysia is not doing anything about it. Good thing I discovered the KL Monorail, it’s cheaper and faster than Taxi, no traffic at all, I only paid 3.20 Ringgit for a roundtrip to my target station which is “Bukit Nanas”, just 3 stations away from my station of origin “Imbi”. After going down to station “Bukit Nanas”, a short ten minute walk and you’re already there, infront of the Third Tallest Building in the World, the Petronas Twin Towers! "I was amazed with how the building was made, steel structures, beautifully designed in terms of its architecture, you just can’t stop looking at it. You just can’t help but to ask, is this how far us humans have already developed our technology? It was just surreal to my eyes." While walking back to the monorail station, I was just appreciating Kuala Lumpur’s surroundings, getting to know KL a little bit more…

                My third day in KL is just rest time for me, just enjoying Berjaya Times Square’s Hotel, Swimming Pool, Huge Ten-Floored Mall and a Mini Theme Park. Berjaya Times Square is a one stop place for everything you need in a place. Buses to and from Singapore stops here too because it is right in the Central of Kuala Lumpur, the Capital of Malaysia. With regards to their Dishes, Malaysian Cuisine is similar to the Chinese and Indian Specialties, Spices are its main ingredient.

                There are a lot of pros and cons about Kuala Lumpur but if I would honestly describe it? Exactly the same as Manila Philippines but a little more improved compared to it. These two countries have the same flow of traffic and haggling modus of Taxi drivers on their passengers. Although, it is not polluted when it comes to vehicular smoke and garbage compared to Manila.

                Overall, Your Pambansang Manlalakbay Armie “Happy Loner Traveller” Yuson enjoyed Malaysia’s KL Bird Park, Petronas Twin Towers and Berjaya Times Square Hotel… YEBAH!!!

- Happy Loner Traveller

*** This Article is dedicated to the "GREAT" ARMANDO Q. LEYVA. Tatay, I always miss you and I love you so much...

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